Top 7 Benefits Of SaaS-Based Mobile App Development

SaaS-Based Mobile App

The growing number of mobile users is impacting the amount of revenue this industry used to have. As per appventurez, mobile apps revenue will be around $582 billion by the end of 2021.

That’s a huge number and if you’re in the SaaS business your business space is going to be more mobile-friendly in the coming years. Today, SaaS app development companies are taking over e-commerce, medium industries, and other small industries.

But before you jump into it, it’s better to understand the benefits of SaaS-based mobile app development.

So, here are 7 benefits of SaaS-based mobile app development for businesses.

A Great Tool For Customer Engagement

It’s a no-brainer that many CRM development companies are already utilizing features like push notifications, location-based content, and boosting customer experiences through mobile apps. For example, the Starbucks app offers my Starbuck reward program to its apps users for custom orders, free updates, and more.

This way it increases its brand loyalty and resolves hurdles like transaction time and elevates customer engagement rates.

Seamless Upgrades Helps Your Business To Stand Out

When your product is offered as a SaaS solution to your customers, it simplifies the process for customers. They no longer need to download any additional software or invest in any new hardware space to access updates or news in the app.

The best part is that they can still use the upgraded version of apps and that’s how it enhances your brand’s image. This way you stay in touch with your users, understand their issues, and ultimately resolve them.

Improves Brands Recognition

With the growing number of brands, customer expectations are also changing at a rapid rate. Earlier, to fulfill these expectations brands took a different approach and now the approach is modified. People value their time and money, and thus with SaaS-based mobile apps, businesses can fulfill their expectations effortlessly.

As per Pam Moore, on average, it takes 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember your brand and recognize it. In this cut-throat competitive world, when you mobilize your brand presence, it enhances your brand’s visibility.

Real-Time User Access

Whether you want to track your users or synchronize your employee’s schedules and organization tasks or meetings,  real-time mobile apps have got you in every situation.

Big giants like Uber uses the real-time solution for live tracking. This helps in accessing real-time data across devices and works in a time frame that users sense as current. Features like instant messaging, notifications, alerts, and social media streaming elevate the usage of real-time applications.

It is cost-effective, easily manageable, and helps in optimizing internal processes for better user engagement.


When you want your favorite pizza, you log in to a food delivery app. And you view options that are close to your locations or area. This means that when you search “pizza near me,” the options shown will be the result of geo-targeting in action.

As per Brick Inc, mobile app geo-targeting is expected to grow into a 32.7-billion-dollar industry by 2023. There are many benefits of geo-targeting, for example, apps like foursquare help in locating data that are used by consumers for sharing reviews. It is an effective way for new product launches, services, and offers.

It also provides you with valuable data like your customer’s demographics, locations, and people’s behavior for more sales and better campaigns.

High Scalability

Scalability is a variable that helps businesses to manage clients, customers, and users effectively. For booming businesses, mobile applications need features that can resolve serious issues and handle huge traffic.

This means your main developer should be able to maintain the app and add new features for the users. The main advantages of scalability are higher R.O.I and maintaining a positive user experience.


One of the best perks of using SaaS mobile apps is the convenience factor.  Gone are the days when the buggy, outdated hardware systems were a headache for many customers and business people. The modern SaaS apps are easy to handle, maintain and update.

Also, they do not require any maintenance charges.

Summing Up

The prompt and reliable delivery automation system is the need of the hour. Hence, more businesses are moving to the SaaS-based mobile app industry to provide convenience and flexibility to their customers. Have you made a move?

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