Top 10 Best Productivity Software for 2022


The cure for all laziness is here! Stay on track with all your work with no stress. With offices closing down and homes turning into offices, the question of productivity is inevitable. With numerous distractions and responsibilities, staying organized and keeping up with all the scheduled deadlines can be challenging. What if we said we had the cure for this issue in 2022? Yes! Make this year fabulous by finding yourself the best productivity software to help you manage your work and home simultaneously.

Let us begin with some basic understanding.

What is productivity?

Productivity is usually measured as producing the desired output or result within a given space and time. It is used in organizations, institutions, and other working environments to refer to the amount of work achieved with a particular goal in mind. It could be assignments, projects, or any other work order form.

What are productivity goals?

Productivity goals help keep all your work orders on track and increase your progress rates. Setting up goals enriches your work’s velocity and promotes healthy working habits. Productivity is directly proportional to revenue. The more effort you put in, the more significant and influential the results turn out. Hence having a productivity goal determines your efforts and results within a given period.

There are various methods and strategies to keep your productivity levels in check. With the progressive growth in technology, various productivity software helps keep track of all your projects, deadlines, appointments, reminders, etc.

What is productivity software?

Productivity software specializes in helping you record all your To-Dos by sending you reminders, notifications and enhancing your productivity. The software is designed to help people gain their working pace, not slack in their work, and efficiently meet deadlines with quality.

Many distractions can hinder a person’s work progress in the present world and are referred to as organizational drag. Identifying the productivity killers and ensuring all the work is done without wasting time and energy is the goal of any Productivity Management Software.

Some software focus on organizing the work, others on helping you build the habit, and some on helping you focus on the job. However, all these software constitute to enrich the users’ productivity levels.

How to choose the best productivity software for you or your organization?

Getting your priorities straight and knowing what you’re looking for in the software can help you look out for which software is the best match. Other ways could also be based on prices or the free trial options, giving you a preview of the software and its functionalities. This can also help better decision-making.

Here is a list of 10 different productivity management software that can help you focus, improve and strengthen your productivity.

1. Field Promax

Field Promax

This productivity software helps field technicians and business owners manage all their work orders, employees, bills, and more in one platform. With Field Promax, users can access their data from any location at any time. It allows them to schedule and dispatch, record working hours, keep track of the equipment used, capture images of the work done, generate invoices on the field and get customer approval. The software comes with various other features that users can access on the website and the mobile app.

It helps field technicians find their customer locations faster, sending reminders before their dispatch, increasing billable hours, and more. The software enhances the users’ productivity by streamlining their work orders and organizing all their functionalities in place.

2. Evernote


Evernote is a platform that helps you take notes, add images of written notes through handwriting analysis. These notes can also be organized in folders or labeled based on your tasks. You  can add notes in any form, including PDFs, digital sketches, and find them immediately. The app allows you to sync your account across all devices for easier access.

The app also helps you keep your thoughts organized which is an integral part of staying productive. Evernote is a very productive boosting software as it helps you recollect your thoughts, ideas and remember pain points from meetings when you have to complete your tasks.



Monday is efficient productivity software that helps your teams collaborate on completing the project together. It helps with focusing on various projects simultaneously, creating tasks, assigning teams, scheduling due dates, and having all the necessary information in one place. On completing the job, members can update their completion status on the tick or done button.

The software prompts team members to work harder by viewing each other progress. The deadline view also reminds the team to increase their productivity level. Monday provides other features such as task progress, where members can update progress every day, notifications, updates, and tracking their tasks. The app also provides a dashboard view to monitor the teams’ overall progress.

4. Trello


Trello is software that helps you keep your productivity on track by viewing the statuses of your tasks. It majorly helps with project management which indirectly contributes to increasing the productivity level of the teams. It provides users options to work in groups with people around the globe, irrespective of location.

By managing your workflow, Trello helps organize all the projects conveniently by grouping small tasks into cards, boards by due dates, etc. It helps users keep an eye on what has been completed, is in progress, and is due.

5. Hive


The Hive productivity software helps you manage your to-do lists, communicate with team members, have collaborative schedules, send and receive files, etc., all on one platform. Their mobile app helps enhance work ethics and speed by syncing with the desktop or web app. Users can view the projects or tasks in multiple ways, like the calendar, Kanban Board, or a graph.

The software helps you view tasks and arrange them based on priority or deadlines for easy focus. Hive allows individuals to create personal to-dos from a group project for better productivity.

6. Doodle


Sometimes productivity depends on team management rather than an individual member. While working in groups, there are chances that productivity can vary based on different members and their capacity.

Doodle is a software that helps create collaborative schedules and arrange meetings and sessions without email interventions to manage teams’ productivity in remote locations. It allows members to set their availability according to their time zones, sends reminders for meetings, creates private meetings, and keeps their work on track. It makes sure that members work efficiently at their convenience, at their rate yet. A good alternative is Trafft if Doodle is not what you’re looking for. 

7. Toggl


A significant contributor to productivity is time. Manage your time wisely and increase your billable hours with Toggl. The software helps you track the time spent on a specific task or project. This is useful for Field Service Companies who work on an hourly basis. The software helps increase your revenue, monitor your productivity, and watch your peer’s working hours as well.

Toggl is available on all engines and can be accessed from any location at any time. It provides companies the option of monitoring their team members right from home and accurate working hours to generate invoices on the spot. Having a hold on your working hours is a healthy way to boost your productivity.

8. Mindmeister


Parallel to Evernote, Mindmeister is software used to collect or create a digital map of your every work or task. It helps put brainstormed ideas and creative thoughts out in visual data. It is an easier way to elevate the productivity of your staff when they are tired of using the same planning strategies. With Mindmeister, you can customize the map in different styles, tones, and formats with texts, visuals, or audio to give the viewers (your team members) a better understanding of your idea.

Mindmeister is a cloud-based software that allows you to access your digital map from any location. With an alternative to the regular format, teams can quickly boost their creativity and productivity simultaneously.

9. Basecamp


This is another project productivity management software used by various industries like Shopify, Faith Chapel Billings, Quartz, NASA, etc. The significant feedback of this software is how it displays everything required in an organized manner. It provides deadlines, tasks and has even cut short meeting hours because of its accurate showcasing of information and data.

The software increases productivity by reducing confusion on tasks and deadlines, increasing efficiency even while working remotely. It allows team members to ping each other and communicate efficiently, view each other’s assigned tasks, check off to-dos, manages time, and increase progress.

10. Spark


When working in any business, the part that can get very hectic are the emails. Spark is an AI-integrated email sorting software that helps you categorize emails, assign emails to team members, filter out spam, snooze emails, schedule emails, and more through its Smart Inbox.  It helps keep the inbox clean, find your emails faster through intelligent email search, customize the notifications of important emails and more. It also allows multiple team members to view the same email and communicate simultaneously.

Keeping your emails organized is a great start to having a productive week or day ahead. Emails are critical but can take a long time to sort through because of their quantity.

The productivity software mentioned here has varied features and options, some of which you may require and some which you don’t. Time management, project management, Field Service Management, email management, etc., are some of the significant parts that require attention to increase your productivity. The software, as mentioned above, helps put your priorities in place, helps organize your materials and tasks to ensure that productivity is boosted and you achieve your goals on time.

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