5 Tips to Turn Negative Reviews into Positive Customer Experiences

Negative Reviews into Positive Customer Experiences

If there is anything that the modern business leader fears in this social media driven world, it’s the possibility of receiving negative reviews on social media and other relevant platforms. Quite simply, a negative review can make or break your business, especially if you’re operating solely in the digital realm. Accumulate enough negative reviews without responding to them or resolving customer issues, and you’re looking at the inevitable demise of your company.

After all, customers do pay attention to your reviews, and they pay special attention to negative ones. It is your duty to optimize your digital marketing strategy to generate as many positive reviews as possible, but also transform negative feedback into customer success stories. Here are tips that will allow you to achieve this goal.

Monitor online mentions and reviews

First things first, you need to stay on top of your reviews in the online realm and monitor all of the chatter surrounding your brand on relevant platforms and social media sites. There are two key methods you need to implement here: social listening and review alerts. Social listening is the act of monitoring social media conversations surrounding your brand, using proprietary software to find out how, why, when, and where people are talking about your brand.

On the other hand, you have review alerts. You can set Google Alerts to notify you every time your brand is mentioned in the online world, allowing you to act quickly and stay in the know. You can also use platforms such as Hootsuite to monitor feedback and mentions across numerous different platforms, giving you a comprehensive overview of your brand’s reputation on social media.

Analyze negative reviews and create a course of action

Yes, it is true that you should respond to every negative review and give it your best to remedy the situation – but within reason. The problem of negative feedback is a complex and delicate one, so before you arm yourself with the sharpest retorts and freebies, you need to analyze every review and comment, and decide on the best way forward. Some reviews will warrant a public response, others are best handled in a private conversation, and then there are those you should ignore completely.

All reviews are available to the public, but don’t think that each one carries the same weight. A reasonable concern from a dissatisfied customer is an excellent opportunity for you to respond with kindness and understanding, and mend the problem with a refund, a new product, or any other incentive. On the other hand, if you’re dealing with a person who is leaving offensive comments, then the best way forward would be to report the user. 

Gather feedback quickly and offer incentives

Most importantly, you need to act promptly and resolve customer issues and concerns before their review has had the time to negatively affect your brand. To do this, you will need to get customer feedback quickly through SMS and other platforms that yield a high response rate. Instead of reacting to negative reviews as they appear, assume a more proactive role and reach out to your customers and audience directly and ask for honest feedback.

This will give you the opportunity to discover customer pain points early in the game, and adapt your approach before people start posting negative comments online. Likewise, this will allow you to create rewards and incentives for their feedback, and thus help you develop a positive relationship with the individual. In turn, this will significantly increase the number of positive reviews you get online. 

Turn negative reviews into success stories

Using storytelling is one of the best ways to transform negative reviews into positive customer experiences – you just need to take the time to turn reviews into interesting case studies, blogs, and other forms of content people will want to engage with. Every negative review is an opportunity to create an interesting piece of content and tell the story of how your managed to resolve and issue for a dissatisfied customer.

What’s more, this is a great opportunity to address common pain points that many other customers might be experiencing. Post your success stories regularly and keep creating fresh content by using every negative review as inspiration. With the right incentive and the right understanding of your customers’ troubles, you will be able to turn every situation around.

Invite followers to create positive reviews

And finally, keep in mind that you should not only put effort into resolving issues and responding to negative reviews, but that you should also aim to improve your online rating by inspiring and incentivizing positive reviews as well. You need to generate a lot of positive buzz in the online world in order to overshadow the negative reviews and diminish their influence, so be sure to ask for positive mentions and comments, send out gifts and special promotions to loyal customers, personalize your interaction, and develop a unique tone of voice to engage your social media audience. 

Wrapping up

When left to wreak havoc on your online reputation, a negative review can jeopardize your brand and significantly impact its standing in the industry. With that in mind, be sure to implement these tips in order to stay on top of all reviews and manage your online reputation like a pro.

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