How to Produce Best Quality of Tissue Culture Banana Plants?

Tissue Culture Banana

If you want to know how to produce the best quality of Banana Tissue Culture plants, then you are in the right place. At first, you have to know about tissue culture. In general, the process of micropropagation or cloning of tissues with the chosen quality plants is known as tissue culture. It is also to be noted that, in order to produce more amount of crops, then tissue culture will be used. Basically, the tissue culture will be considered as modern technology. The cultivation method guaranteed the quality of the yields along with the quantity. 

Steps of tissue culture technology:

Usually, the tissue culture will follow the five most important steps, they are

  • Initiation
  • Multiplication
  • Rooting and Shooting 
  • Greenhouse primary hardening
  • Shade net secondary hardening

In order to get succeed in the method of tissue culture, one must stick on to the microclimatic conditions, stick to the standards and care at the time of the hardening process. This kind of process will effectively ensure success.

Impact of banana plant:

Based on the vegetative methods like bits and suckers, the process of the banana crop will able to get propagated. On the other hand, in the laboratory, the banana trees will easily able to get adapted to the tissue culture in the most effective manner. The mother plant material of banana has been utilized in the method of tissue culture is taken from the place which is free from disease cropping over more number of years.  In the tissue culture clonal selection process, high yielding, vigorous, healthy and quality donor banana plants have been identified of most needed cultivars or varieties. During the initial process of tissue culture, the bud from the meristem tissue portion will be teased out through the donor banana plants basal corm, surface inoculated and sterilized to the top-notch nutrient media in the form of artificial. In the region of the meristem, due to the rapid cell division, it has been devoid of the systemic microbes. It happens especially with the viroids and virus. These are the smallest infectious pathogens. This is one of the major important processes of banana tissue culture. 

Procedure to banana tissue culture:

The tissue which is an initiated one will be free from disease and in order to acquire the needed number each variety of banana-based on the demand in the market, there will be a controlled environment of a lab that can able to increase into the more number of folds. Later, the banana tissue plants which are rooted are released from the lab to certain environments which are controlled with the climate like a greenhouse.  Mainly for the process of acclimatization, this type of process has been utilized very effectively. In order to complete the process of primary hardening, this will need around 8 to 13 weeks. The banana hardened plantlets will almost consist of 4 to 5 leaves and at the end of the period, it will become like a well-developed root system. Then the secondary hardening of the plants in the secondary controlled environments will be hardened like shade nets or shade houses. 

Benefits of banana tissue culture:

  • When compared with the regular suckers, there is an enormous number of advantages are available while utilizing the plantlets of tissue cultured banana. 
  • It is already known that, from the technology of tissue culture, the banana plants have been produced. This will give high yielding of the original form and it will have the consistent quality clones with different varieties have been available out there in more number of quantities.
  • During planting, the tissue culture banana plantlets will be of free from disease. In case proper crop management practice has been taking place, then sure that surrounding will occur like a disease-free one. 
  • Through the year, the tissue culture plantlets will be available in a most effective manner. So, by this process, the banana will be available all through the year with no shortages. 
  • The labor cost will be reduced through banana tissue culture.
  • It is also to be noted that the harvesting process will become very much simple.

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