8 Tips on How to Increase Landing Page Conversions

Increase Landing Page Conversions

Building a website, putting up a landing page, and fighting to get as much traffic as possible is not an easy task as it looks like.

As you know the website is well-optimized and attracts users to convert. To convert good conversions, creating a good landing page is an ideal option. Landing pages might look simple, but they’re damn hard to get right. If you do correctly, you can use these pages to push a huge chunk of traffic into the top of your funnel, and turn it into cash for your business. As per the survey, the average conversion rate of a landing page is 26%.

Generally, a landing page is a key piece in the puzzle for both SEO and sales funnels. For SEO, it’s common your page is ranked depending on how long people stay on the landing page. Only after launching, testing, learning, and optimizing can you improve your landing page conversion rate.  Choose smart seo packages or here are tips to improve landing page conversions.

Here are #8 tips to increase your landing page conversion rate:

1: Evaluate The Goal Of Your Campaign:

The first and foremost tip to enhance your landing page conversion rate is to understand your campaign goals. Several landing pages have multiple offers that confuse users and make them lose sight of the conversion aspect of the landing page. So try to focus on your landing page one offer one solution. Moreover, this is the best way users don’t lose sight or get confused.

Evaluate The Goal Of Your Campaign

2: Focus On Your Headline & Value Proportion:

Another most important thing is to try to write simple and straightforward headlines. It is the only first thing a person sees when visits on your site. Generally, the goal of your headline should be for your visitor to feel compelled enough to read whatever’s next. Things you should follow are:

  • Keep the title simple and clear because it almost and always trumps persuasion.
  • Keep your headlines bold and short to get your user’s attention instantly.
  • For user clarification use the heading case for your headlines & Subhead case for your subheads.
  • Use attractive words like Free, Discover, Secret, Results, Quick, Guaranteed, etc.

3: Add High-Quality and Relevant Images:

As you know content is important but using the right and relevant images and videos help bring out the necessary emotions to make users take action. As per the survey, 50% of people stay on the page only with the help of an image. Images help draw in readers, and compelling images will entice them to scroll down through your content. Add images related to the product you’re selling. This will help users to easily know about your services and it automatically increases landing pages conversion rate.

4: Enhance The Loading Speed Of The Page:

One of the most important things is the loading speed of landing pages. Website loading speed makes a big difference. Even a 1-second delay in page load time can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. Try to fix the errors and improve the speed of the Landing page. There are several factors that slow down your landing pages.

  • Higher redirects.
  • Oversized images.
  • Poor server response time.

5: Add CTA To Take Sooner Action:

If you truly want to enhance the conversion rate of your landing pages then give people more information by adding a call to action (CTA). This will increase product-level landing page traffic as well as faster sales for e-commerce sites. CTAs create confusion among visitors, which results in fewer leads. So make sure that the added content does not distract the user from buying.

Add CTA To Take Sooner Action

6: Gain Your Visitor’s Trust:

People will buy from those companies they know, like, and trust. And to convert, gaining your visitor’s trust over years with multiple touch points is very important. Few points through which you can Increase Landing Page Conversions:

  • Add the phone number so that users contact you easily.
  • Offer a money-back guarantee.
  • Include a photograph of a human.
  • Show that other companies trust you.

7: Include Relevant Videos:

Have you heard “A picture speaks a thousand words”? In terms of marketing, it is true. Your landing page should engage users to the point of converting them. And by adding videos, you can also engage users on your landing page. As per research, videos can increase conversions by 80 percent. Videos make landing pages shine, and they don’t have to be expensive or complicated.

Bonus tip: Always add high-quality and short videos with low volume background music. This will directly increase the engaging quality of the video.

8: Add Testimonials And Reviews:

Adding testimonials and reviews give your visitors assurance that you’re legal and offer the best services.

Add Testimonials And Reviews

Testimonials and reviews are a powerful word of mouth technique and considered as social proof. Studies show that 70 percent of consumers say they look at product reviews before making a purchase. This will increase the sales 12 times more.

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