ChatGPT4 vs Bard For SEO; Things You Need To Know

ChatGPT4 vs Bard

The difficulty that businesses are facing in this evolving digital marketing world is staying alive in the race. With the invention of Chat GPT, an AI language model totally changed the game of Search Engine Optimization. Businesses are improving their traffic and visibility by using this cutting-edge technology. 

ChatGPT with SEO

SEO person can do multiple tasks from keyword research to content creation, content creation, too much more. 

Keyword research; good keyword search is the main key to ranking the website. ChatGPT is a master in identifying new and relevant keywords to optimize the content. It studies the behavior of the user and suggests keywords according to that. 

Content optimization; lacking in creating optimized content? ChatGPT has natural language processing capabilities to optimize content for social media, websites, and other digital channels. 

Content creation; This is the tool that can generate a high-quality and original tool for a wide range of topics for the SEO experts. That content is helpful for them in terms of producing large volume content for websites. Through this tool experts can also get ideas for eCommerce marketing.

Natural language processing; ChatGPT is beneficial for SEO professionals in terms of understanding how the search engine interprets and ranks content. It always goes in favor of professionals and provides them with a better user experience. 

Bard with SEO

The invention of chatGPT is a large threat to Google as it produces human-like responses. 

Because Google produces original content, therefore, google introduced Bard in comparison to ChatGPT to maintain its accuracy. This tool is also helpful for SEO professionals in the following terms; 

Stronger channel of information; helps the SEO professional to upload the right accurate information by providing in-depth information. 

It claims that its large language models help it to generate unique and recent information. 

Ability to process complex information; SEO professionals can produce the original content to rank the website on Google. Furthermore, it provides content in a readable format to understand the big picture and learn more from the web. 

LaMDA’s language model; uses this language model that removes the complexities of human language to produce a response that is relevant and coherent. Google acknowledges the relevant content. 

Evaluate performance; monitoring and analyze time response, accuracy, and user satisfaction that is really necessary for the SEO person. 

Bilingual; the SEO person can get access to 100 plus languages with this. That is valuable to operate or handle international businesses and customer or client satisfaction. Language can be tailored to different styles and tones. 

Easy to use; a user-friendly tool that takes various types of user input such as text and voice that, makes it versatile for communication and information. This goes in favor of SEO professionals who can get content by using any method. 

Differences between ChatGPT and Bard 


  • This AI tool uses machine learning to answer queries in a conversational dialogue.  
  • It provides limited information that ends in 2021. The user will not get information after the defined time. 
  • It has free plus paid versions for faster, timely response and access to new features.
  • Uses the GPT-4 technology
  • Generates a well-structured response that touches the three important areas of optimization site speed, mobile responsiveness, site architecture.


  • This AI tool is the Language Model for Dialogue Application (LaMDA).
  • It continuously draws information from the internet, and the user will get the latest information.
  • It is free for everyone who accesses it.
  • Uses the LaMDA technology.
  • Generates solid information with bold and good formatting to increase the readability of the content. 

What things can Bard do? 

  • It is a creative and helpful collaborator but can make mistakes; it acknowledges its flaws. 
  • Not really a search engine. It is more like an experimental system that is meant to show people the way of this chatbot. 
  • It has the ability to answer one question in many ways. Furthermore, always generates a new response every time. 
  • It gives the opportunity to the user to know the sources from where it got the information.
  • Always provide more accurate information rather than the other AI tools or excuse the user if you do not have the relevant information about the asked query. 
  • Sometimes do not offer internet addresses (website addresses). 
  • This tool has the capability to evolve continuously and expand. 

What Features Does ChatGPT Has?

  • Tackles complex algebra problems; is particularly strong in handling math. It helps the user to present math’s problems clearly and concisely. 
  • This can be your therapist or relationship expert to provide you with advice about your friends, family, and loved ones. However, it cannot understand emotions but can work to some extent. 
  • It has the greatest strength to learn creativity. It not only produces soulless robotic concept but is also helpful in writing music. 
  • ChatGPT helps narrow down the problem within the code and saves hours for developers in finding out any bug in the code. 
  • Creating content in multiple languages is no more difficult. ChatGPT is incredibly useful in creating content in more than 100 languages. 
  • The vast knowledge across several fields makes it able to prepare for a job interview, hypothetical scenarios in a job interview, possible questions, and intelligent replies. 
  • Want to learn about a few useful things? You will find about anything here. 
  • Difficult to extract data from the text? Do this job by just providing text to the chatbot and what kind of data you need to extract. 


All the AI tools are introduced for the convenience of the user. In above content discussed two tools; ChatGPT and Bard. These two are the most demanding AI tools in today’s world due to their numerous usages. 

The most prominent benefits an SEO professional can have; are explained in line. 

An SEO professional can do multiple tasks to show remarkable results to clients. Today the world of IT and any business cannot succeed without making an online appearance and efforts to boost the positioning. 

Furthermore, the differences between these two and in which areas they are suitable all elaborate in detail. You will be amazed after reading all the usages because they are surprisingly amazing.

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