Tips For Successful Video Marketing On Social Media

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I don’t think we need to repeat again what video marketing consists of and its importance for the presence of your brand in social networks. But it can be interesting to know what and how we should publish on each social network.

Traditionally, when we were called “video,” we automatically thought of YouTube, right? In the field of social networks, this is still the queen of videos but with more incredible competitors. In addition, and as it is part of the Google empire, having videos on this platform undoubtedly helps our SEO positioning and, therefore, organic searches.

But don’t let this stop you. What about the other social networks?


On the one hand, there is Facebook, the social network best known and used by users (according to IAB Spain ). Zuckerberg’s page is changing the landscape of video on social networks, gradually dethroning YouTube.

Brands are becoming more aware of the importance of directly publishing their videos on this platform, and thus avoid having to share the link from YouTube. Why?

1- More than 3 billion videos are consumed per day on Facebook, most of which are viewed from mobile platforms.

2- The videos uploaded directly to Facebook have a higher quality viewing on the news channel, with the image larger than if it was linked directly from YouTube.

3- It offers complete statistics to follow up on your publications.

4- It favors the conversation and, therefore, its diffusion since each interaction of the users increases its possibilities of expanding its organic reach. You will have already seen on your wall that when a friend shares, follows, or likes a publication, it appears published on your page. It would be great if it were your brand that appears there, don’t you think?

What minimum requirements must your videos meet on Facebook?

1- Because its consumption is mainly from mobile, 85% of the videos are seen without sound. So, it would help if you thought about this before designing it, that the message is equally clear with or without sound. In addition, it is recommended that its duration does not exceed 1 minute since 80% of videos that are seen from beginning to end have an average duration of 30 seconds.

2- Now, Facebook allows you to put a title and give a category to your videos. Use these characteristics as tools for your SEO positioning, giving it some of your keywords.

3- Customize the thumbnail that you want to be displayed on the news channel to make your publication more attractive.

4- If you want to increase the diffusion of your publication, mark it as featured content so that it has more presence.

Video marketing is essential in the world of social media.


This network is part of the Facebook empire, and it is one of the social networks that has registered the most remarkable growth in recent years. And of course, our brand can also be present.

Instagram also offers the possibility of conducting video marketing campaigns, but be careful since your content on this network must be more pampered, thoughtful, and provide more excellent value. Remember, you only have 60 seconds to surprise and create engagement. Many analysts advise doing Instagram-style tutorials: short, direct, prioritizing image quality and unique content.

Tip: Get to know the Instagram style first-hand before jumping into it.


Twitter is another platform that is promoting native video posts versus linked ones. The contents that the social network promotes the most are those adapted to mobile and of very short duration, about 30 seconds.

For this social network, what is succeeding at the moment are GIFs, videos of very short duration that enliven the posts. Take a walk through the main accounts of your competitors, and you will see that you will most likely find this type of post.

Before posting your video on Twitter, you must trim the first seconds of it to prevent it from being previewed incorrectly.

You already know a little more about how to run a video marketing campaign on social media, right? Now it’s your turn! Plan and adapt your content, but above all, be creative.

At Last

What do you think about the tips we give above? Share your ideas with us bellow.

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