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Are you a fan of playing video games where you could play with your friends? Well, there is a new game that may fit your interest. The game development company, Interactive Behavior has created an asymmetric survival horror game entitled Dead by Daylight. Released in June 2016, the game has been gaining popularity ever since. This game will teach you how to be strategic and interactive with its survive or die objectives. 

Dead by Daylight is a 4v1 horror survival game in which you can play as one of four survivors or one of three terrifying killers. The survivors can work together to escape the horrific zone while the killer must stop the enemy. The killer plays an important role in this game, especially when using the Dead by Daylight killer perks. Continue reading to learn more.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Play

Dead by Daylight is complex yet easy to get the hang of. With no in-game tutorial, you are practically on the verge of playing against real people. The only tutorials available will take you outside of the client to clips, which you may want to watch first. In case you forget what to do, small notifications serve as a guide to every action. All game controls are simple because of their standard control setup (both keyboard and mouse), and you do not have to memorize complicated combinations. 

Game Play

This game will allow you to work alone, but at the same time requires you to work with a team. Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical game in which four players are survivors whose sole goal is to repair generators and then escape, while one player gets to be the killer. This new game style provides a unique experience that other games provide. There are a lot of ways for players to do teamwork missions and make friends.

Stunning Graphics Galore

If you are into games with a dark aesthetic and high-quality graphics,  then you will love this one. The level of detail in the game environment is astounding. Dead by Daylight is both gruesome and intriguingly beautiful. From the detailed maps to the intricate wreckage of a blimp by moonlight. 

The polished gems are indeed enticing, but the game does not allow long hours of design admiration. The game needs you to focus on finishing the missions.

The game is also audio heavy which includes game cues like heartbeat sounds, children’s screams, and even sweet song humming. It is almost like virtual reality with all the live characters and sounds. 


The Dead by Daylight features a cast of unique and memorable characters and serial killers. This includes the Wraith, who strikes his dreaded bell to slip in and out of reality. The Trapper, who impedes players with bear traps scattered around the map. The game also includes other famous horror characters like Freddy Krueger, Michael Meyers, LeatherFace, and many more. 

Keep Your Friends Near You

The Survive With Friends game mode ensures that you are connected with your teammates for the entirety of the game. Playing online with random people is always a good time because it only introduces you to new skill sets and strategies, you will also build new friendships. Nothing beats the joy of jumping into a Discord server filled with gamer friends. It is all fun and games until you figure out how to play the killer role properly. It will allow you to play the evil character in the game. 

The game is open to anyone, which is why it allows you to meet new gamers online. But another interesting game mode is called The Entity, where it requires an invite to enter. This is perfect especially if you only want to play within your friend group.


One of the things that gamers look for in a game is customization, and this game provides a variety of options for you to survive or kill in any way you desire. You can modify a certain skill by increasing the number of hand axes to give more damage. 

The in-game survivors can access a wide range of survival tools, accessories, weapons, and even medical kits. They just have to continuously play to unlock these items that can help them in harder game levels. 


Dead by Daylight does not have a skill set system. Whether you play as the killer or the survivor, you will earn blood points that will allow you to unlock some temporary and permanent perks that will enhance your abilities. There are three types of unlockables that you can use to earn blood points for perks, add-ons, and offerings. 

There are perks that you will gain throughout the game will depend on your in-game performance and participation. The better you play, the more chances of getting perks for a faster game victory. 

Quick Gameplay

Let us face the fact that not everyone is a fan of playing for long hours. That is why Dead by Daylight has a quick play category. Queues for public games are never excessively long. It only takes a few minutes to find players who are willing to play victim roles in the game. Matches can last anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. A clumsy teammate may unintentionally lead the killer right to all the survivors, or a sly gang of the living will elude their stalking hunter for the duration of the game. After you die, The only thing you can do is watch your fellow player survive the game. It is entirely up to you and your abilities whether you escape or kill everyone.


If you are adventurous in exploring new games, you might want to try playing Dead by Daylight. It will not only give a new sense of excitement, but it will also give you a new set of skills. The thrilling and real-life graphics will make you want to play over and over again. Make sure to recommend this to your gamer friends and enjoy this fantastic game. Make sure to visit to know more.

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