Things that Turn a Woman Into a Man Magnet

Man Magnet

The song “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” is one of the evergreen renditions of all time. Some people still feel like they have not heard enough of this James Brown song 55 years after its release.

This is because of the truth behind the lyrics. For those that have no idea about this song, James Brown stressed that man (gender exclusive) has done a lot on the planet. This is considering how many inventions and developments have been brought by men.

However, the songwriter and singer went on to say the world would still be nothing “without a woman or a girl”. For more on this, you can watch:

Just as James Brown pointed out 55 years ago, it is what it is. The world is nothing without the wonderful creatures called women.

Aside from being a great support system to many men in time past, now, and years to come, they have also accomplished many things. This is despite the odds facing them in many parts of the world.

This article is not intended to debate the relevance of men and women. However, starting on this note is very important. This is because every woman is supposed to see herself as what she is – valuable and highly sought after.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many women out there are battling with low self-esteem for various reasons. Not being attractive to the opposite sex (man) is one common reason.

This can and is a very big issue for many women. This is especially when they have fellow women that are not experiencing the same issue around them.

The good news is that this article is born out of the need to help such women. This is because we will discuss how you (as a woman) can be a man magnet and stay that way.

So, we advise every woman, especially those battling with this issue to keep reading. This is because the information shared here will prove very helpful for them. But first, let us explain the basic concept of being a man magnet.

Who Is a Man Magnet?

Man Magnet

Simply put, a man magnet is a woman that is the delight of many men. We deliberately did not say every man because there are always exemptions.

Be that as it may, someone fit enough to be classified as a man magnet is attractive to most men. Men will like to make her a part of their life and even commit to a serious relationship. Now that you understand the point behind the man magnet term, let us see how a woman can become this.

How a Woman can become a Man Magnet

woman smiling

We would like to start by explaining that it is not enough to be a man magnet. You may find this statement off point but do not be too quick to conclude. The thing is that you need to attract the right men.

There are personality traits, general lifestyle choices, and decisions that could make you consistently attract the wrong kind of men. This is not what you want. So, you should be deliberate about the kind of men you want to attract into your life.

Unfortunately, some ladies do not have a good idea of the right kind of man. To learn more about this, you can click here. Having established this, here are some things you need to do to attract the right kind of men:

Look Good

Good looks matter to men and there are no two ways about it. For this reason, you need to take care of your looks.

This does not mean you have to go overboard when dressing up or making up. For one, make sure your confidence level is not negatively affected by your looks.

Other than this, be intentional about knowing and practicing things that can make you look better. This can be about following a new fashion trend, learning color combinations for your dresses, understanding what works best for you, and all that.

As much as we do not like talking about this, some people also need to reassess their weight/size. Everything is achievable. If you do the right things regardless of how inconvenient, you will get the right results. So, make plans to look good and follow-through.

Feel Good

It does not end with the point above. You might have even noticed that you or someone else looks amazing but is not a man magnet. So, what could be the problem?

It is most likely negative vibes. There is something called negative vibes and it is noticeable. People (especially men) avoid negative vibes. They want to be and feel their best around you.

So, they avoid people (even of the opposite sex) that spoil their day with negative vibes. So, the question is how might you be exhibiting negative vibes?

This happens when you do not feel good about yourself. This is especially when you rub it off on people with your utterances and attitude at large. You have to be the best you can be by looking and FEELING the best you can.

Do Not Allow Bad Experiences Define You

This happens a lot to many women. They are still caught up in the mess of the past and allow it to define their present and future. You must move on and seek out ways to do better as the days roll by.

Many in these shoes look good, mostly feel good, but cannot attract especially the right men. They constantly ask what makes a woman magnetic and irresistible and need answers.

Well, the answer for them is moving on from the hurt and negative experiences of the past. This is because not doing this will make you subconsciously create a feeling in the interested parties that you are off-limit. So, move on!

To be candid, the healing process might take some time. However, healing eventually comes to those ladies that want it.


A woman feels on top of the world when she is the center of attraction, especially by the opposite sex. Unfortunately, this is not the experience of many ladies.

This article has pointed out how every woman can experience this. This is by shedding light on a few things they need to do. We advise that you take the information shared here seriously so that you can begin to see the desired results.

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