The Most Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

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Congratulations! You’ve added a blog to your website, and you’re ready to write your first post! The excitement of launching your blog may result in a few mistakes that you could have avoided with a bit of preparation.

Before you get started on your first article, read through these common blogging mistakes and make sure you avoid them. 

1. Failing to Structure a Realistic Publishing Schedule

Starting a blog is an exhilarating experience. When you first sit down behind the keyboard, your brain is bubbling with ideas. However, as your blog progresses, you may find it becomes more challenging to source ideas for your posts.

When you get started, the chances are that your blog won’t have millions of views on the first post. Releasing a new blog post every day is the easiest way to curb your enthusiasm for writing, especially when there are only a few people reading.

For the first 4 to 6 months of your blogs life, commit to posting once a week on the peak traffic day to your site. As you gain traction, increase your posting frequency. This strategy helps you avoid burnout and gives you time to promote your post on social media to drive more traffic to your blog. 

2. Incorrect Use of Hyperlinks

Every blog you write must contain a hyperlink to either your blog or a product page on your site. Many bloggers choose to use “click here” as the linked text in the article. This approach looks like spam to readers and reduces the chance of them clicking on your call to action.

Avoid using direct calls to action such as “click here,” or “check it out.” Instead, hyperlink phrases in your blog post that are directly related to the page you are trying to promote. For example; If you want to link to a sales page for a games console, hyperlink a phrase like “the PS4 is the ultimate gaming console.” This phrase lets your audience know what to expect when they click the link.

3. Mismanagement of Comments

The comments section of your blog allows you to connect and engage with your target audience. However, many unscrupulous marketers use comments to leave spam links. If you fail to manage and user comments, your blog could end up looking like a spammers paradise.

Check your comments once a week and delete all spam comments. Make sure you reply to every genuine comment and always leave your comment open-ended to drive further conversation and boost engagement with your audience.

4. Poor SEO, Missing Images or Broken Video URL’s

SEO is a critical component of any blog. Your blog title, meta description, and tags are vital for improving the visibility of your blog to search engines. If your SEO is sound, then you can expect to drive large volumes of traffic to your blog post. Search for plugins for your site that help you manage your blog efficiently.

Review your blog after publishing to ensure that all images and videos are placed correctly in the post. At the end of the month, review all of your blog posts and look for any broken links to YouTube videos embedded in your post. Some YouTubers may remove their content, leaving your blog with a broken video link.

5. Neglecting Social Sharing Options

Social media presents a massive opportunity for bloggers to increase the readership of their posts. Every time you release a blog, make sure that you promote it through your social channels. Add a sharing plugin to your blog that appears at the end of your post. People love to share information, so make sure you offer them the opportunity.

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