The major infrastructure projects in Victoria managed by Ontoit

infrastructure projects

Victoria is a state located in southeast Australia. The state is famous for Great ocean road, Phillip Island, Yarra Valley, Ballarat, and Melbourne. However, there are several major infrastructure projects in Victoria that intend to make the people’s lives a lot better and provide them with more resources.

If you are not aware, here are some of the most notable projects:-

Melton Hospital

The Melton hospital, a massive project that once completes, would provide support for the rapidly growing community in Melbourne’s outer west.  It will provide health care services to the individuals and support them during different phases of treatment, recovery.

The Melton hospital uses the Ontoit project management services for:-

  • Project Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Master plan and Feasibility Study
  • Design Management
  • Stakeholder Management and Facilitation
  • Risk Assessment

West Gate Tunnel

The west gate tunnel is a massive $6.7Bproject that aims to provide a vital alternate route to the West Gate Bridge, offer faster and safer journeys, along with removing thousands of trucks off inhabited highways

The project is of great importance, and it will surely provide a much safer way to travel, avoiding any heavy traffic and lowering the risk of any potential accident. Ontoit project management has provided services for it as well. It offers:-

  • Project Management & Leadership
  • Market Proposal
  • Strategic Project Assessment
  • Procurement strategy
  • Transaction Management
  • Design Management
  • Data Room Management
  • Risk and Evaluation Assessment

Public Housing Renewal Program

The Public housing renewal program spreads across eight different sites to spread and sustain the supply of social housing inside Victoria. The work intends on improving the overall quality of the public housing estates across the following sites:-

  • Brunswick West
  • Clifton Hill
  • Flemington
  • Heidelberg West
  • North Melbourne
  • Northcote
  • Prahran and Preston

The director of housing partners with the property developers to unlock the value of land and partially fund the reconstruction of a high count of public houses at every site. It also aims to improve social cohesion via the tenure blind design and promote the community mindset in the estates.

  • Ontoit offers them the following services:-
  • Budget Management
  • Development & Bid Strategy
  • Financial and Economic Modeling
  • DTF Gateway Review Management
  • Governance Structure advice
  • Procurement
  • Program Monitoring
  • Project Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Tender Process Management
  • Transaction Management
  • Policy Strategy Advice
  • Program Reporting

Sydney Metro

The Sydney Metro is Australia’s most significant development project, with around 23+ billion invested into it. It will revolutionize the way people travel inside Sydney and massively reduce the travel time. The program revolves around four different projects: the Western Sydney airport line, Northwest, City, and southwest, and west.

The builders completed the Northwestin 2019, City and Southwest are due for completion in 2024. The Metro line to Western Sydney airport would complete in 2026, and the Metro West line is due for completion in 2030.

The Ontoit project management offers the following services:-

  • PMO Services, including Governance
  • Integrated planning and scheduling
  • Schedule risk analysis (QSRA)
  • Digital PMO capability program
  • Project controls
  • Rail Operations advice
  • Feasibility
  • Commercial management
  • Earned Value Analysis and forecasts
  • Digital engineering and 4D BIM frameworks
  • Facilitation of complex decisions for key interfaces
  • Program optimization

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