Technical Factors that Affects the share price

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The share price often changes, but there are usually some reasons behind the change. In most cases, they are usually a combination of external factors that affect the supply and demand for a particular company’s stock. So, if our focus is the, let’s look at why it could go high or low. Check them out!


It is the amount of interest investors are expressing towards acertain stock. The higher the interest, the more likely the share price of the Easyjet share price and vice versa. Despite its impact on the price, many are times when people often overlook it. It is important to note that the higher the liquidity, the more the transactions, and that’s enough to shape the price.


In most cases, even a short-term trend could affect the Easyjet share price in a heartbeat. If the investors notice that the stock is going up, they will most likely start investing in it,raising the demand. It is no secret that price tends to go high once the demand increases and vice versa is true.

Economic Strength of the Industry

Did you know that investors look beyond the stocks of a particular company? On the contrary, they also consider how the market of its competitors. Consequently, the Easyjet share pricewill likely increase if that of other airlines increases simply due to their association. If they decrease, the share price also goes down since it adversely affects the demand of the entire industry.


Over the years, low inflation has exhibited an inverse proportionality with valuations. After all, low inflation leads to high multiples and vice versa. However, deflation is bad for stocks since it is a strong illustrator that companies have lost their pricing power. As a result, the share price will most likely go down.


Middle-aged people happen to be the peak earners explaining why they often invest in trading. On the other hand, relatively old investors prefer to sell their stocks in preparation for the market. Therefore, if the high proportion comprises middle-aged people, Easyjet share price will most likely increase due to the great equities demand and high valuation multiples.

Incidental Transactions

Sometimes, companies buy or sell stocks not because they are valuable but because they think it is a smart move. It could be for the sake of securing capital for new investment, for example. When that happens, the supply and demand of the stock market and that’s enough to affect the share price, no doubt.


Clearly, several technical factors affect share prices, and the Easyjet share price is no exception. The bottom line of how they work is that they affect the supply and demand of the stock market either directly or indirectly. If the supply is higher than the demand, the prices go down. On the other hand, if the demand is higher than the supply, the prices go high. The above factors have what it takes to affect the demand and supply in a stock market, no doubt. Consequently, they can also determine whether the price goes up or down.

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