Planning Is Everything: 5 Strategies You Can Use to Promote Your Business as an Architect

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Small architectural design firms often have trouble standing out from the competition. With scarce contracts being worth so much, competition for every last one is always intense. Promote Your Business with our tailored solutions! Elevate success, drive growth, and stand out in the market.

The most successful solo and small-scale architectural firms in each market inevitably do everything they can to promote themselves. There are five well-established strategies that can help just about any architect to earn more business.

Architecture is a technical field where creativity and taste are valued. As such, it is a consistently popular target for people who are highly ambitious and capable.

Even architects who have a great deal to offer cannot always count on attracting the attention they deserve, by default. Being too passive about the matter is a recipe for stagnation and boredom since other architects will inevitably be more aggressive.

Experts at marketing for architects, though, are consistently able to produce results that keep their clients busy. Some of the strategies they most often have their clients adopt include:

Getting more social.

Most architects are passionate about the craft, and that can easily make for a compelling social media presence. Surprisingly few architectural businesses on the smaller side of the scale, however, have well-developed social media programs. With there already being at least

3.2 active social media users worldwide, that means missing out on a lot of business. Architecture is such a natural fit for platforms like Instagram and Facebook that staying away can hardly ever be justified. More specialized sites like Houzz can easily become more valuable than even the most productive of lead generation services. Treat social media activity as a way to share something special, first and foremost, and plenty of tangible results will follow.

Moving back to the cutting edge.

Many architects spend so much time absorbed in designing that they overlook other opportunities. There are dozens of ways architects today can use technology to speak more clearly and persuasively to potential clients. Freshening up a firm’s technological assets can produce more business virtually overnight.

Becoming a part-time writer.

Just about everyone appreciates great architecture, but relatively few understand what it takes to create it. Many individual architects have become stars of their local markets simply by writing up interesting posts about their projects. Professionals and tradespeople are often advised to write about their work as a means of marketing. Few industries suit this strategy as well as architecture, though, since so many people already find the subject so fascinating. Whether that means guest posting at a popular blog or publishing a column in an in-house newsletter, there are plenty of options to consider.

Rethinking the past.

It is entirely normal for talented architects to lose out on plenty of contracts after contact has been made. Looking back over a company’s past leads will often reveal some that could be freshened up. While it will not normally pay to be pushy, genuinely interested inquiries can lead to in-depth conversations and subsequent projects.

Giving back to the community.

Architects who have a strong, positive presence in their communities tend to earn plenty of business because of it. Setting aside some time to work with or sponsor local nonprofits and the like can be both personally and professionally rewarding. Talented, dedicated architects who make use of strategies like these can always count on earning more business. Taking action instead of waiting for clients to show up on their own is often half the battle.

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