6 Social Media App Ideas To Grow Your Business

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The global social media ecosystem is constantly evolving and growing. Social media leaders like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram have over a combined 3.6 billion active users across the globe. Now, social media platforms, due to their massive user base, have also opened new opportunities for businesses to grow. These platforms have allowed companies to reach out and interact with their target customers in a way that is comfortable and easy for companies and potential customers. 

But these advantages of social media platforms have also created massive digital competition among businesses that use them. So, it has become important for businesses to optimize their social media strategies to have competitive advantages. 

In this blog, we are listing down one of such popular social media strategies. We will talk about how some social media app ideas can help you take advantage of social media platforms better. So, if you are planning to build an app for your business to promote it across social media platforms, stay with us until the end of this blog for some informative insights.

1. Social commerce apps

As the name suggests, this category focuses on an evolved version of e-commerce apps that allow multiple brands and businesses to get on board and sell their products. However, social commerce apps also include features of social media platforms such as individual feeds, private messengers, uploading photos, videos, etc. 

To grow your business, a social commerce platform can be perfect as it allows you to sell and promote your products and services on the platform. And, you also get the opportunity to promote other businesses and make money out of these promotions. 

To name a few very popular social commerce platforms that you might have already heard about are Amazon Live, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, etc. Most of these platforms were meant to be the best social media apps only but with time they evolved to tackle more revenue opportunities.

2. Social gamification app

Gamification has become a great way to keep users engaged. From a business perspective, if you gamify an app and invite users to play these games, you will have people to show ads to. This strategy opens up two opportunities for you- promote your own business through in-game ads and promote other businesses through ads and make money in return. Either way, you are growing your business and the revenue. 

Now, to give it a social media touch, you can add a few in-built social media features as well such as a messenger or a newsfeed, or both. To ensure boosted engagements and longer user sessions, social gamification app sounds like a good idea.

3. Influencer Marketing App

Influencers have become a crucial part of the business ecosystem across the globe. To introduce new products and services, businesses are hiring influencers one way or the other. Some influencers on social media platforms promote businesses through dedicated collaborative videos while others choose to give them a shoutout between their regular content videos. 

Now, to grow businesses it is possible to build an app that is entirely dedicated to influencers who can create content, grow their audience, and help businesses grow through occasional promotions. 

Such apps have various other benefits such as creators and the audience will be able to interact with each other easily, creators will be able to make more money through advertising, and creators will have a dedicated platform with the only purpose of publishing influencers’ content.

4. Customer Feedback App

An app dedicated to assisting customers with their queries and feedback can give businesses a boost as well. An app in this category can include features that will allow brands to create their dedicated community pages where customers can leave feedback and queries with attached media content like photos or videos of products and services they have purchased. 

These queries will help brands know the satisfaction level of their targeted customers better and customers will also have a reliable source to make purchase decisions based on the feedback shared by fellow customers. 

Not only that, uploaded media files by real users can help customers make purchasing decisions faster as these media files will give them an accurate representation of the product. A customer feedback app that uses an AI chatbot can also help boost the brand’s reputation by delivering instant responses for queries that could be autonomously solved. 

Plenty of brands have started relying on AI to solve their queries faster and provide 24/7 customer service. For the customer retention rate of businesses, this strategy is quite useful.

5. Virtual Event App

As the name suggests, this category of the app can be helpful to connect with a more professional customer base. The app could provide brands with a platform to organize webinars and meetings to connect with their target customers. A virtual event app will solve many problems such as the problem to connect with customers from different locations, problem to find a perfect venue for the event, problem to arrange a good budget for webinars, etc. 

6. Social media analytics app

Analytics play a crucial role in making the right business decisions and a dedicated social media analytics app for brands can be very useful which shows them the data like the source of conversion rates, rise or fall in conversion rates, competitor strategies, etc. 

This data can be helpful in business services as well and will help business owners figure out what is working for them and what is not. Additionally, if manageable on a single dashboard, it will be convenient for business owners to quickly go through the data and take action accordingly.

Wrapping up

Well, these were some of the social media app ideas that could help a business grow in this competitive digital ecosystem. All of the above-mentioned ideas are based on the problems that businesses face. So, if you find any of the above-mentioned ideas catchy, you could try to build an app development strategy around them and target the problem to solve it for business owners. In any case, we hope our inputs were useful and informative for you.

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