15 Actionable Writing Tips to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Written content is one of the most essential parts of digital marketing strategies most brands and companies develop and follow. While video content dominates the marketing industry, the written pieces are also important for those who still prefer to read and for search engines, of course.

Below we have gathered 15 effective and actionable tips to improve your content writing and drive more ROI from this digital marketing activity.

1. Use Long-Tail Keywords

Using long tail keywords in your blog content is a top way to reach a high position in search engines, plus provide your users with more detailed answers to specific questions. So, research the long tail keywords and embed them in your blog articles, or devote a series of separate materials to each of the search queries.

2. Create Short and Compelling CTAs

Your calls to action are the most important conversion triggers. Make them short, clear, and encouraging. Come up with several CTA options, test them with your visitors across different marketing channels and proceed with the idea that converts better. Also, make your calls to action clickable so the users can perform a target action without additional moves.

3. Tell a Story

Telling users branded stories is one of the best ways to engage them, tell more about the brand, its mission, and values, and build emotionally connected relations. Use storytelling as a part of your digital marketing strategy from time to time. For example, tell the success stories of your customer or share some stories from your company’s everyday life.

4. Find Your Tone of Voice

Finding your tone of voice, aligning it with your brand specifics, and following it in your digital marketing content is important for making a holistic impression and helping users build strong associative bonds. So, if you haven’t found it yet, make sure to brainstorm and suggest ideas to develop your unique tone of voice.

5. Revise and Proofread

The old-school stereotype that Internet communication has no room for punctuation, grammar and lexivity rules is already a part of the past. While most businesses use their blogs and social media as the main digital marketing communication channels with their prospective leads, delivering unrevised, unedited, and non-proofread copy is no longer acceptable. Make sure to polish your pieces each time you intend to click on the “Publish”  button of the website’s admin panel.

6. Ensure Readability

There are a lot of content writing rules to follow to make it convert your leads into customers. Ensuring text readability and understandability is one of them. Keep in mind that you aren’t your users and your content should be understandable for them as the first priority. To make sure of it, ensure your text is readable and understandable enough using the Hemingway app, for example.

7. Don’t Use Passive Voice

While sometimes using passive voice is impossible to avoid, the digital content that engages should be active. By the way, the Hemingway app we’ve mentioned in the previous point will help you get rid of passive voice as well.

8. Cite the Experts

Citing the experts in your copy is a way to make your content more reputable and insightful, plus better structure it with the help of citations. Surely, the insights you shared on the behalf of experts should be authentic – otherwise, you are risking your online reputation.

9. Use White Space

Most modern readers don’t read. Instead, they scan a blog article and stop their attention on the most relevant sections using subheadings as a guide or quickly scanning the content. To facilitate this task for them and let them read the most important pieces, make sure to structure your copy with headings, subheadings, use short paragraphs, and also use a lot of white space so that the reader doesn’t get tired.

10 Hire Professional Writers

Looking for the best way to improve your digital marketing content? Consider hiring professional writers with top skills in web content development and digital marketing. As a winning strategy, get started by researching the reviews for paper writing services, and then, move on to hiring the writer that fits your project best depending on your company’s specifics and their experience.

11. Test Your Ad Copy

Make testing your content a habit. Depending on the marketing channel, there are different goals you can achieve, and that’s why there are different marketing metrics you should keep an eye on. For example, the core metric for your email newsletters is the open rate and conversion rate, the social media campaign effectiveness is measured by defining the share of new subscribers and followers, and the performance indicators of blog content are the bounce rate and dwelling time.

12. Use Facts and Statistics

There are several marketing goals you can achieve with digital content. Building your brand’s authority and credibility is one of them. For this purpose, make sure to research and embed scientific facts and reliable statistics to back up your statements and persuade your users better. If possible, come up with your own research to extract and share unique insights. The last strategy is also good for attracting backlinks to your website.

13. Reference Reputable Sources

If there is no opportunity to make research on your own, empower your digital marketing content with the insights and statements the reputable sources share. For example, citing Forbes, New York Times and Washington Post will automatically add credibility to your content, pointing out that there is a lot of research work behind it.

14. Look for Content Gaps

Before getting started with writing any piece of content, ask yourself how you can do it better than competitors. To find the answer, research the Google top results according to the ley query, or look through the trendiest social media posts according to the specific hashtag. Next, try to find some gaps and dwell on the questions that aren’t yet answered within the topic – this is a way to make your content unique and valuable in one bottle.

15. Be Creative

And lastly, just be creative. There are a lot of technical rules and best practices for content writing and digital marketing but it is always better to enjoy what you do and avoid limiting your creative thinking. Try new approaches and test them to unlock even more opportunities modern digital marketing can promise.


The tips we have shared above are simple yet effective. Make sure to use them for better digital marketing ROI and user engagement.

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