Shopping At Temu: All the Brand New Promos and Discounts You Can Try

Shopping At Temu

Temu launched in September this year with 15 categories of products under its platform. But in mere 3 months, Temu can beef up its platform with a lot of new products. Fashion, health & beauty, home appliances, jewelry, musical instruments, and pet accessories, are just some of the many categories available.

Temu wants its platform to be a one-stop shopping platform that can help customers to achieve whatever they like easily and thus it can be the best place for online shopping. Customers don’t have to surf other online markets, or even pay twice for shipping costs because through Temu they can purchase whatever they want.

As a new online shopping platform, Temu understands that it can’t just rely on providing customers with a huge amount of products at affordable prices. Temu is also doing a whole lot more by creating continuous promotion deals on its platform. From seasonal sales to new customers discounts, and many other deals it creates to help not just to win the customers heart, but also to make their life even more convenient. Here are some of Temu’s current discount programs that you can find on its platform!

Black Friday Deals

Temu went overboard with its very first Black Friday Deals by celebrating it much earlier than it was supposed to! Upon visiting Temu’s platform, the big banner of Black Friday Deals will be the first thing that you notice. You can just click on the banner to find the full information of the products which are currently on sale due to Black Friday deals. What makes this seasonal sale even more wonderful is that Temu offers some products at up to 70% discount! This is a truly generous offer!

Lightning Deals

You can find lightning deals on Temu’s homepage after scrolling down a little bit. Lightning deals only happen for a limited set time, and the products that have their price capped will be changed regularly on an hourly basis. If you find products that you like, you better order them immediately or otherwise you may get disappointed, especially when the product is no longer on sale.

Exclusive Coupon For New Customers

If you are a new customer, you can find an exclusive coupon that you can utilize easily during shopping. You will get in total two coupons. The first is a 30% off coupon for all products, and the second one is a 15% off coupon. You can get the benefit of these exclusive coupons without minimum order. Keep in mind that this coupon should be used separately.

Free Shipping Without Minimum Order

Currently, Temu is also offering free shipping without minimum orders for its customer purchase. This is also one of Temu’s programs which was created to celebrate Black Friday. Without minimum orders, customers can shop without worry, and definitely more economical now at Temu platform!

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