SEO Mistakes Your Business May Be Making Today

SEO Mistakes

Optimizing your content and your website is the whole function of applying Search Engine Optimization strategies. You’re not just putting up a website with no goal. There’s always that desire to do better and to eventually make it to the top page results on search engines. While you may think that you’re already on top of your SEO game, it’s also important to remember that it’s always changing. What may have been an accepted practice six months ago may no longer be the case today. Unknowingly, you may be employing strategies that are now considered as mistakes.

That said, to make changes, it first starts with being aware of the exact points that need to be corrected. To help you, here’s a list of some of the common mistakes that your business may be committing:

1. Having An Audience That’s Too General

It’s essential to pick the right audience in SEO. Having the right match means that your content is parallel with what your target audience is looking for. Else, you cease to be effective. The Internet has a vast population. And, it’s up to your website to be able to narrow this down effectively such that you’re reaching a specific group of audience that you wish to target.

Here are some ways for you to make your audience more specific:

  • Specify the problems that you wish to solve
  • Be gender-specific, if this applies to the products and services that you’re selling
  • Be specific with your demographics

If you’re having difficulty with specifying your audience, here’s a great place where you can get search engine optimization help.

2. Choosing The Wrong Keywords

Keywords refer to the evergreen, common words that Internet users input on search engines when searching. For your website to make it to the top search results, you must also have the proper keywords. This is so that a search engine’s crawlers have something to browse or skim through after a search is made.

Common mistakes committed when using keywords include:

  • Understanding what words your customers are using to refer to specific products and services
  • Over-stuffing with keywords, and inversely, not having enough keywords
  • Neglecting the preferred keywords or terms by search engines

To decipher the right keywords to use, this is no longer as difficult today. There are numerous sites and applications that allow you to achieve this. These tools include Google AdWords Keywords Planner, SEMrush, and Moz.

3. Not Being Mobile-Friendly

If you haven’t yet adopted your site to be mobile-friendly, you’re missing out on so much. A lot of Internet users today are browsing from their mobile phones. This comes from the smartphone generation, whereby almost everyone has their smartphones. On their idle times, it’s normal for people to flip through their phones.

Some websites, however, aren’t yet mobile-friendly. If your website is one of them, then you’re neglecting a very critical SEO factor. You’re unable to compete against all other sites in terms of ranking when they’re gaining so much more marketability than you are.

4. Constantly Publishing Duplicate Contents

With the numerous websites all over the Internet today, of course, it’s inevitable that one way or another, topics are going to have duplicates. But, the problem starts to show when the text or the content is the same. If your site is continuously copying the content of other more popular websites on the Internet, you’re only pulling yourself lower in the competition.

Here’s the best trick that you can apply to ensure that your content isn’t duplicated:

5. Neglecting Social Media Presence

Having a strong social media presence is also key to staying competitive. As a business, you’ll want to increase your social media rankings. Just as there are numerous smartphone users, all the more that the population on social media is increasing. It’s now more accessible than ever to have social media accounts.

With SEO, search engines put a premium on sites that have an active social media presence. They analyze the way that your clients respond and speak about you on social media accounts. The stronger your social media presence, the higher your SEO rankings become.


The SEO scene is constantly changing. It’s not that always easy for websites to stay on top of the SEO trends. As, perhaps, once they’ve optimized solutions, it starts to become irrelevant. Instead of seeing positive changes for your business, you’re experiencing the latter. Hence you’re only wasting time, effort, and resources of your business. After browsing through these mistakes, it’s now your call to double-check and see that none of these apply to your business. With these points in mind, you can finally get back on track with your website’s goals.

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