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For web marketers and internet entrepreneurs, SendPulse has created a strong buzz since its release last year thanks in large part to the dedicated and integrated approach of its platform. However, does SendPulse really live up to all the hype it has received over the past year? This includes becoming one of three finalists for The Next Web SCALE 2016 pitch competition and being one of the best startups of the year according to The Next Web.

Let’s take a closer look.



SendPulse is an integrated platform that is designed to pull together all the creative, managerial, and distribution aspects of bulk email, SMS message, and web push notification marketing. Newsletters are the heart of marketing for online businesses around the world as they are inexpensive, yet information and turn leads into customers. SendPulse represents the latest in terms of creating an automated system that incorporates all aspects of bulk distribution because of these features.

Fast Delivery Rate: Compared to the competition, SendPulse offers one of the highest delivery rates in the world for emails, notifications, and messages. This means that more information is sent faster compared to well established competitive models.

Automated Email Personalization: SendPulse addresses one of the biggest issues that many marketers face with mass distribution which is the lack of personalization of the emails. SendPulse allows for fast personalization so that the messages sent have a greater impact when they arrive to the receiver.

Automated Email Personalization

Mobile Platform Support: When you consider that roughly half of internet users receive their emails on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, SendPulse uses templates that are responsive to both small and large screens for greater impact.

Resend to Unopened Responses: This interesting feature increases the open rate by up to 80%, greatly improving the chances that nearly everyone on your list will at least open your email. This is a superb feature and one that gives SendPulse a real advantage.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning on SendPulse

Being the progressive platform that it is, SendPulse offers one more tool in its arsenal that most company’s in its space doesn’t offer: AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning. What does this mean? The service implements machine learning and deep data analysis to automatically figure out the most effective marketing communication for each subscriber.

SendPulse’s AI figures out the best:

  • Communication Method
  • Geolocation
  • Time
  • Device
  • Plus more

Keep in mind, this isn’t available right when you sign up due to the time that is required to collect all the behavior data of your subscribers. Also, more AI features are on the way in the coming year.

Why Choose Send Pulse?

Why Choose SendPulse

With all the advantages SendPulse offers, there are good reasons to consider this system over the competition. This is especially true for new online businesses that want to get a leg up on the competition.

Intuitive, Integrated Platform: You can create, manage, and distribute all from one source thanks to the integrated platform which is a snap to use. Everything is done step-by-step so you can select a template, drag-and-drop the information, and send out the information quickly to take advantage of new conditions that make your customers ripe to be sold.

Large Quota of Free Plans: This means that for your SMTP and email services, you can choose from several free plans that cuts down on the price for sending out your information.

It Surely Does Live Up To The Hype

There is little doubt that SendPulse lives up to all the hype it has received in the past year. Plus, thanks to new features such as the Resend to Unopened, it appears to be heading into 2017 as one of the leaders in bulk distribution of email newsletters, SMS messages, and web push notifications, the latter of which is a free service provided by SendPulse. If you are looking to upgrade to a new, more efficient bulk distribution system for your online marketing efforts, SendPulse is the first one to consider for your needs.

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  1. I definitely recommend Sendpulse to all business companies, whether they are very big/small it is a great fit for all.

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