A journey from DevOps to DevSecOps model – Know why it is essential to make this move

Many teams tasked with software projects are taking steps to move towards the DevOps model because of the inherent advantages that come with it. In the DevOps model, the Dev and Ops teams work in close collaboration. The  IT industry is recognizing that cybersecurity threats are alarming, and it is time to take action. With […]

How to Start a Tech Company & Finality Your Digital Product

Technologies and innovations are an inseparable part of modern life. The success of the leading companies inspires entrepreneurs to build a new tech company that will repeat the success of Facebook, Apple, or even Tesla. Meanwhile, only one out of ten startups become profitable and survive. There are a number of reasons why startups fail: […]

The role of healthcare mobile applications in 2020. How mobile technology can take care of our health

In today’s world, where digital technology is developing rapidly, it would be surprising if these innovations didn’t affect the health industry. Among the main trends in this direction is mobile health – mHealth. With healthcare mobile applications’ help, doctors and pharmacists can provide patients with safer and more effective care. In contrast, patients are able […]

Magento Enterprise Pricing – How Much Should a Magento Store Cost?

Magento has had a lasting impact on the e-commerce landscape like no other system. Thanks to a wide range of marketing functionalities, an open source code base and a boundless, active community, the system experienced rapid global distribution in its early years. Let’s discuss the factors behind determining Magento pricing and costs. Licence costs of […]

Challenges of Remote Software Projects: Java Developers, Here’s What You Need To Know

With the momentum the gig economy has earned, many highly qualified software developers are discovering demand for their skills abroad. For more experienced technology experts—software project managers, and development team leads, remote work offers access to a highly-skilled, flexible, resource pool, particularly if you’re seeking java developers. It can be budget friendly. It’s likely heterogenous, […]