Outstanding Features of Collaborative Robots from Universal Robots

Collaborative Robots

Universal Robots is one of the leading manufacturers and providers of collaborative robots to companies around the world.

This is as a result of their world renowned expertise and workmanship in their process in manufacturing their robots.

Their collaborative robots stand out from those from other manufacturers in both quality work and features.

Listed are some of the most outstanding features of collaborative robots manufactured by universal-robots.com

Easy to use

Universal Robots assures its customers that its product is easy to use. First, once the collaborative robot reaches the clients factory,it will need assembling. The assembling process takes a minimum four hours and a maximum 24 hours. Assuring their clients that only minimal time will be lost.

Secondly, Universal Robots cobots are easy to program. Through programing, the robot is instructed in how to carry out tasks assigned to it. Programing the cobot does not need a specialist programmer as a well-trained factory worker will competently program it.

Further, these cobots are easy to teach. In addition to programming, cobots can also be taught how to complete tasks manually. The operator holds it by the hand and takes it through the motions of completing a particular task. The cobot then learns how to perform the task from the exercise and it can now independently execute the task perfectly.

Create a better working environment

Nowadays, companies are looking into ways to create a good working environment for their staff in order to enhance team work and productivity. Universal Robots has created an easy answer to this, acquire a cobot.

Cobots are assigned tasks that could be deemed dangerous and unsafe for human staff. Tasks such as handling hazardous material or consistent heavy lifting. As a result, staff tasked with these duties could delegate them to the robot and reduce chances of work related injuries or diseases.

Cobots can also be assigned repetitive tasks and those staff who get relieved from these duties could get jobs that require more of their potential.

Return on Investment

Automation is a capital intensive task to any company. Acquiring a cobot for a small or medium business would require a significant capital outlay. Universal Robots assures their clients, that they will not have to wait long to enjoy their return on investment by acquiring their cobots.

From their existing clients, Universal Robots assures their new clients that they will see a return on their investment within 18-24 months of acquiring their cobot. This is as a result of the production bottlenecks it will eliminate thus leading to increased productivity.

It is safe to use

Unlike traditional robots, Universal Robots produces safe to use collaborative robots. Companies that acquired traditional robots needed to have a separate space to house them. This space was out of bounds for the ordinary factory worker. This is because these robots are considered unsafe to be around and could cause fatal accidents.

Cobots on the other hand are considered safe. From their expertise, Universal Robots have designed their cobots to work alongside human staff rather than separately. To ensure safety, the cobots are designed to slow down whenever they sense human presence. As a result, there will be fewer accidents as a result of the robots if any.

Enhance the production process

Cobots from Universal Robots improve the production process for every company that acquires them. Unlike human staff, cobots will not need breaks and therefore they will produce at a higher rate.

Secondly, cobots are highly accurate and precise. This then translates to reduced waste and high quality products manufactured precisely as designed.

Complicated designs that would be difficult for human staff to carry out can be easily carried executed by cobots.

Cobots also allow manufacturing entities to identify and change with the trends. Usually, products have short life spans in the market before there is a need to change their design whether in packaging or product components. Cobots enable companies to be adaptable and incorporate the new change faster and smoothly.

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