Reduce Stress: 5 Tips To Zen Your Workspace

Reduce Stress

A workspace with a calm atmosphere can increase productivity and improve the health of people working in such a space.

Many workers admit that they feel stressed when they are sitting in their offices. Colleagues and job responsibilities can be a source of stress, but many also experience stress because the office environment is not conducive to productive work. In fact, a poorly organised workspace can be very stressful for people. Applying Zen principles to your workspace can reduce stress and increase productivity.

Here’s a guide to creating a calm, productive workspace.

Zoning the workspace

The first thing you want to do is eliminate the mess. The main thing here is to create an organised system so that everything in the office has its own place. Creating functional areas in the office often increases productivity. You can think of different types of daily activities, for example: working at the computer, working with documents, bookkeeping, reading and processing orders. Workers then decide what equipment to install in each task-specific area and determine the physical location of each area. Remember that furniture that once met the needs of the work area may now need to be replaced with new items that will better match current needs.

Order in the workspace

You need to take one box for each of the work areas, plus one more for debris. Sort all things into boxes, and put the garbage in the remaining box. Each thing should have its own, specially designated place.  You need to decide where the trash cans should be – they should always be within reach.

Reducing stress by including relaxing music

Many people find they can cope with tasks more easily by listening to relaxing music. Employees must respect corporate rules and wear headphones when working with other people. According to some studies, listening to music with sounds of nature is especially beneficial for improving cognitive function and increasing concentration. Other studies show that you can increase your own productivity in your daily tasks by listening to music you enjoy. Scientists have proven that music without words is best for work because words are distracting. Some research has shown that listening to music at around 60 beats per minute can reduce stress while increasing productivity.

Choosing the right comfortable office chair

The average office worker spends about 10 hours a day sitting at the desk, and an uncomfortable chair will only exacerbate the stress the worker is experiencing. Ideally, chairs should be chosen so that they fit each employee, for this each person should first sit in a chair and check it. Unfortunately, in practice this is hardly achievable, so you should find a chair with good lumbar support and many individual adjustments. Adjusting the seat and backrest heights will help relieve stress on the top of the chassis. Tilting chairs can help reduce stress on the legs.

Bringing nature to the workspace

Now that the workers have organised the office space and removed the clutter, you can add indoor plants to the interior. Supplementing the interior with natural elements helps employees relax. Plants also purify the air, reduce dust, and increase the relative humidity. The plant chlorophytum helps to cleanse the air from allergens. This flower looks good on high shelves or hanging baskets. Epiphytic plants may appeal to office workers because they are the easiest to care for and don’t even need soil. These plants only need to be submerged in water for about 15 minutes every 10 days. Succulents are good for a sunny window in an office because they like dry air and should be watered about once a week. Bamboo plants grow vertically, so they can be great for tight spaces and create a feng shui like atmosphere in the office. Another great way to bring nature to your workspace is to bring your workspace into nature. Cover it with a pergola roof and you are good to go! Your employees will be delighted with the idea of working in the fresh air.


Following these guidelines will create a cosy workspace with a relaxed, not stressful atmosphere. Many studies show that anxiety in the workplace significantly reduces productivity. Thus, creating a “zen” atmosphere in the office helps employees to give their best.

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