3 Reasons Why Parcel Lockers Are a Handy and TimelyInvention

Parcel Lockers

Parcel lockers are not an entirely new invention, yet its usefulness is not widely known. In a nutshell, parcel lockers are a type of durable container. Like any other typical container, it is mainly used to store different types of items. But what sets it apart is how and when it is applicable to be used.

Most post offices often face the dilemma of handling a large number of packages regularly. Packages that are heavier or fragile take longer to ship; this is because large packages take up space, while parcels with delicate materials require extra care in handling to prevent damage and preserve its quality.

Aside from its durability, parcel lockers provide better security and convenience

Presently, there are several variations of parcel lockers available. Companies and post offices using this type of storage can make it so that the lockers are customized or enhanced with additional features that suit their preferences. Some parcel lockers require a PIN code for it to open, thereby ensuring that unauthorized individuals cannot access the parcel or package. There are also more hi-tech types of lockers with built-in 2D scanners, touchpads, and cameras. The combination of technology with parcel lockers makes it easier to monitor items stored inside the containers. It likewise enables companies and customers to detect whenever someone attempts to break into their parcels without their knowledge or consent.

There are more benefits that parcel lockers can provide, and these are the following:

1. It is cost-effective

Parcel lockers are highly efficient in handling and receiving different types of orders. Whether the item is shipped from overseas or within the locality, customers can save more money with the help of a parcel locker. Most post offices and shipping companies enable customers to use their parcel lockers for free. It effectively saves time and effort on the part of the shipping company and post office. At the same time, it will also minimize instances wherein package recipients fail to receive the items they ordered because they were not around when the delivery personnel arrived at their doorstep.

The only time customers will have to pay when using a parcel locker is if they fail to claim their items within the allotted number of days that the parcels are allowed to be kept.

2. It keeps things in tip-top condition

Most parcel lockers are made of durable materials. Hence, it keeps all types of items well-protected for a more extended period. Shipping companies can store fragile materials in lockers and take it out only when it is time to deliver the package to the recipient. As a result, customer satisfaction is guaranteed, and it also saves the company from any liability should the package acquire accidental damage during the delivery process.

3. It maximizes office space

Aside from shipping companies and postal offices, offices can also benefit from using parcel lockers. Companies with smaller workspaces can have parcel lockers installed to maximize the work stations of their employees. Important documents can be stored inside the lockers while individual lockers can be assigned to each employee. In this manner, employees get to clear their work desks from clutter and distractions.

Having parcel lockers available at one’s disposal is highly convenient and practical. The best part about using a parcel locker is it can accommodate different needs and preferences for storing items.

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