10 Reasons to Avoid Using Wix for Your Website

Wix Website

Have you created a Wix website but no one is visiting it? Maybe you tried to design a wonderful website using Wix but ended up with something you didn’t want. Many are struggling with Wix just like you.

When you first look at DIY website builders, they seem to be relatively affordable and easy. You pay a small monthly fee and get your website. So why wouldn’t you use Wix if it makes it so easy to build a website?

Let’s take it one step at a time to explain why you might consider trying anything other than Wix.

What is Wix?

Wix is a website-building platform that is hosted in the cloud. Another unique feature is that it provides the option of making the website completely free.

It provides you with a plethora of pre-made templates that you can customize to your liking. It also includes ADI (Artificial DesignIntelligence), the world’s first artificial intelligence to design a website for you using human reasoning.

You can include your videos, text, photos, and other media. You can use this tool to create your website online. It also provides us with the option of creating a new template from scratch. You can create a new page from scratch using the Wix editor.

There are some other facilities Wix promotes, but things are not what they advertised. In addition, there are some significant drawbacks of using Wix, which cannot be unseen. That’s why we recommend using a Wix alternative that provides free trials without any credit card requirement. Get a new look for your website without the fuss.


When you go further into these do-it-yourself websites, you will discover that they are not all they are advertised. Rather than that, you wind up with an unattractive website that generates little revenue or visitors. So what transpired?

This article highlights why using a Wix platform would negatively impact your online business and transform your website into an inquiry-generating engine. Thus, here are the top reasons to avoid Wix. Instead, go with a qualified web design business knowledgeable about programming, SEO, design, user experience, and digital marketing tactics.

Now that you have a basic idea of what Wix is, let us find out about the drawbacks of Wix and why you should not use it for your website.

What Are the Disadvantages of Wix?

Constructing a website is similar to the process of building a home. Bringing together and building a team of individuals is necessary to succeed. You will need the services of an engineer, a designer, and structural constructors. 

When you develop your website using platforms such as Wix, you attempt to construct a home independently. Although it may appear reasonable on the outside, it will have several structural problems on the inside. The expense of doing it yourself will ultimately be more than the cost of employing a professional to do the task.


When it comes to creating your website, the most important reason to avoid using Wix is that you are not a professional web designer. However, a specific website development process includes developing user flows, call-to-actions, prototyping, etc.

When you build a website using Wix, probably, you are not creating it with a decent user experience in mind. This will result in a diminished user experience, which will result in lost consumers and money. You may also lose your company’s brand awareness and individuality due to the many other clients utilizing identical website designs.

Using objective-based designs, professional web designers will create a user flow that will boost engagement and customer conversions. In addition, visiting and their funneling via a user flow are more likely to occur on websites built by user experience specialists, improving your conversions and customers.

Advertisements on Websites

As soon as you start building a website using Wix, you will notice a prominent advertisement that says that the website was built with WIX. This has the potential to reduce your brand awareness and engagement rate significantly. Customer trust is crucial, and when you develop a low-cost website, clients will immediately notice.

This will instill a feeling of cheapness in the minds of your customers since they will be aware that you did not make a significant investment in your website. Customers who come across these advertisements will learn that you established your website for free and become your customers. What makes you think you can put your faith in a firm that offers a free website? You do not think so, do you? As a result, for most clients, this is a red flag that you should avoid.

Slow Speed

The speed and security of your website are two of the most crucial aspects to consider. Increased user engagement and search engine optimization are two benefits of having a fast website. 

Unfortunately, DIY site-building platforms such as Wix.com and other similar services host your website on a shared server with thousands of other customers. Consequently, you will lose clients and provide a poor user experience, slowing down your website.

Less Secure

Having such a large number of individuals on a single server is also risky from a security standpoint. If someone were to break into one of these servers, it would put all of the hosted customers on that server at risk.

Lack of SEO

The fact that DIY builder websites like Wix are not searching engine optimized is perhaps the single most significant issue. SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization. It refers to the process of increasing the number of visits to your website from search engines.

Optimization of the web page itself, as well as off-page optimization, are included. Both of these are crucial and equally important for increasing the number of visitors to your site.

Because you do not have complete control over your website, Wix websites are notorious for having poor SEO. Therefore, it is necessary to access the code to construct a website with effective on-page SEO. Regularly check your website for any SEO concerns, which will help you to outrank your competitors.

Website builders are commonly renowned for having poor SEO. They are built on the go in a visual sort of editor. This adds unnecessary code and HTML to your website, which will harm your search engine results. Instead, consider hiring an expert to increase your website’s traffic, conversions, and client base.

No (Or Less) Optimizations

A thriving website is constantly being optimized. Therefore, you must be looking for new and innovative techniques to enhance engagement, such as A/B testing and user flow testing. Unfortunately, these things are impossible when you construct a basic Wix website since you do not have the power or flexibility to do so. Consequently, you will have a static website that is not expanding or changing, which might be detrimental to your company’s success.

Based on Flash

The majority of Wix websites are built using flash, which is a technology that is virtually obsolete for website development. Flash is harmful to SEO since it does not generate any crawlable content but rather just code. It also has an extremely sluggish loading time and should only be used for animations and games, among other things.

Wix-based websites will be considerably better than those made by rivals who do not use flash technology in terms of usability and search engine rankings.

Even worse, if a user has javascript disabled on their browser, the site will not render. Finally, as Wix uses flash to build websites, it is not compatible with most mobile devices, which is a significant drawback.

No Transfer

Suppose you are dissatisfied with the Wix service and want to cancel your subscription. Unfortunately, you cannot transfer your website to a different domain name or host. In other words, before you join up with Wix and spend numerous hours attempting to put up a website, keep in mind that you will not be able to transfer it anyplace.

No Community Help

Have you ever tried to get help from one of these companies? Well, good luck. You will discover that you will not get any help from the community. If something is not functioning correctly on your website or trying to find out how to add a feature, you will soon realize that you are on your own. Furthermore, if you develop your website, you will also need to learn how to promote your business.

Non-Responsive Templates

There are a lot of Wix website templates that do not work on smartphones and tablets. Designing a website these days would be impossible without using responsive templates. Your website must be accessible on a desktop, tablet, and phone. 

A bad user experience transpires when the website does not adapt. When most of your website visitors are on a mobile device, this is a serious concern. The lower a search engine understands that consumers have bad experiences, the lower your ranking will be.


In conclusion, there are several drawbacks to using Wix to build your website. Even if you do have some traffic or visitors, they may likely leave since the website has not instilled enough trust in the business. Consumers now have a better grasp of what constitutes a pre-designed template and what constitutes a custom-designed website. So invest in your website wisely.

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