The Powerful Windows Password Reset Tool For Windows 7/8/10 Computer

Windows Password Reset Tool

What do you do to keep your computer locked and safe? The immediate answer would be to use a password to lock the windows on your PC. But would you remember this password always? Of course yes but what if you forget or misplace it? Let’s delve deeper into this aspect.

All users are no good at remembering the password. So, losing the password is worst thing and it happens many times. Majority of the users believe that once they lose their password, reinstalling is the only option. But this is not true. There are ways to set password for Windows system. There are software available for resetting the password for Windows. These help in retrieving the lost password. The tool I’m introducing today is one of them. Since these tools are available there is no need to think of reinstalling the system just because you lost your password.

How does the Windows password reset tool work

Visiting its website to choose a correct tutorial of Windows password reset,developers have developed some tutorials that work for inexperienced users,whichever you choose,i am sure it would be a good choice.This software is considered as one among the very advanced tool for Windows 7/8/10 password reset.Even if use this one cannot retrieve the original password but it is possible to reset the password. The best thing is it takes few seconds to reset the password. Here are steps to reset the password using it.


Install the Windows password reset tool on another computer,then insert a USB stick for creatingbootable disk (With USB /DVD/CD).

Windows password reset tool

Step 2:

Now,change the target PC in the BIOS. In case if the needed drive is not in the correct order then the system will start normally. So, it is important to select the disc drive which you need. Now reboot the PC and don’t forget to hold the Hotkey. This is required to enter the BIOS menu. Once the boot order is successfully changed; save the BIOS and now reboot the PC.

Windows password reset tool

Step 3:

Next, it’s time to choose the target account and reset the password, then click the “reset password ”burn to reset them, Once this is done, controlling the entire system becomes easy without any password.

Windows password reset tool

So, by following these simple steps it is possible to reset the password for your system in case if you have lost the password.

As the powerful Windows password reset tool for Windows 7/8/10, This is considered as the best software and powerful when it comes to system rescue utility especially when the system is cracked. Some of the features of this software are

  • By using this software it is very easy to reset password for Windows both the user accoung password and administration passwords
  • This also allows users to perform disk management solutions like disk cloning and partition
  • Using this one can create image through which they can take a backup of their entire system
  • When it comes to security and privacy, one can erase entire data which is either on USB drive or on hard drive completely.

Now get it working on your computer, good luck.

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