Planning to Build an Online Language Learning Platform? Here’s What You Need to Know

Online Language Learning Platform

People across the globe are using the internet to learn new things every day. Then why not use online learning to gain a foreign tongue. Ever since the modern advancements in technology, learning has become way more convenient and affordable. No matter which language you are considering, you can always discover an online language learning platform that caters to your demands. While the traditional classes also allow learners to enrol in various language programs, such opportunities aren’t available everywhere. You won’t find the right tutor, educational institution, or even timing. Online language learning platform allows you to choose the learning programs that you like and the instructor you want.

The business model of language learning platforms

The online language learning industry is a vast market, and there are a lot of business models that support the platform. Let’s look into some of the common business models of online language learning platforms. 

Massive open online course (MOOC) platform

MOOC course platforms are websites that provide convenient and affordable remote learning opportunities to learners across the world. Many famous universities are delivering their courses at a variety of educational levels through MOOC platforms. If you are looking for how to make a language learning website, this is one business model that you can implement. Try developing a niche MOOC where you tightly focus on a unique audience that is not general in nature. 

Blended language learning

Not all online language learning platforms actively deliver one-one live classes. But if you want to teach language in a one-one manner, you can integrate blended online training into your teaching approach. Instead of following the same curriculum, you can combine one-on-one live classes and online courses to supplement your language learning. 

Flipped language learning virtual classroom

A flipped virtual classroom is built around the concept of allowing students to lead the learning. The role of teachers in this type of classroom is more of a facilitator’s. Flipped language learning platforms are built by creating online courses with learning resources and content. Learners interact with educators online to get help whenever required or review the progress.

How do online language learning platforms make money?

Elearning is a burgeoning market when it comes to making money out of online classes. Here are some of the methods which can help you make money from your online language learning platforms

Charge a one-off fee

Charging upfront is one of the most common models most language learning websites implement, and it is easier for learners to understand as well. Students pay for the individual classes or courses they want to participate in. Once they are ready for more, you can consider selling your classes as a bundle which makes our next point- Subscriptions.

Charge a subscription

While students would like to pay up-front initially, once they get familiar and interested in your classes, they would be willing to pay a recurring fee for ongoing classes as long as they gain value from your teaching. If you have an ongoing eLearning program where you deliver grammar lessons or basics of a particular language, consider charging your students a subscription. 

Tiered payment system

If you are implementing a subscription model, you can try offering a tiered payment system where you offer some levels of education accessible to your students for free and charge for the premium classes. Always choose introductory classes or courses to give off free and keep your best lessons as advanced offerings. 

Key features required for Online language learning platform

As the competition is growing at a steady pace, every entrepreneur wants to ensure the eLearning business stands out. Let’s look into some of the important features that are essential for the success of an online language platform. 

Interactive dashboard

An interactive dashboard is an essential addition to an online language learning platform to convey important information to users. Users can access learning content according to their requirements and keep track of their performance. 

Tutor Search

Students should be able to search for their favorite teachers using suitable filters according to their preferences. Allow them to search for tutors using keywords and use filters like availability, gender, age, hourly rates, lowest or highest price, rating, etc.

Tutor profile and appointment booking 

The online language learning website must allow tutors to create profiles that contain complete information about their teaching level, qualification, experience, availability, demo video, rating, etc. Students must also be able to book trials sessions to understand the teaching method of the tutor. 

Adding courses

Allow teachers to add news courses to the website to deliver lessons to their students.

Live tutoring

Besides instant chat and messaging, teachers and students must be able to connect with each other using video conferencing. Live tutoring using video conferencing enhances both learning and teaching experience.

Secure payment integration

Your online language learning platform must support multiple secure payment methods to serve different demographics. 

Admin panel

An admin dashboard is an important addition to any online language learning platform in terms of managing activities on the entire platform, including managing users, content, monetization, and more. 


The notification feature allows sending timely reminders to both learners and tutors.

Building an online language learning website

Creating a language learning platform from scratch is a daunting task and involves a lot of effort and expense. It consumes huge resources and expenses as well. However, there are alternative approaches that are cost-effective yet efficient. The recommended approach is to use online tutoring software to build a customized self-hosted website. If you are looking for professional software, Pinlearn is one such ready-made solution that helps you create a language eLearning platform to deliver high-value and scalable language classes online. Make your eLearning platform your own by customizing it according to your requirements and creating a seamless eLearning experience with your students. 


Creating and launching an online language learning platform requires careful planning about key features and functionalities. Moreover, it is really important to offer the best services to compete with the existing services. The best is to provide your competitors’ services along with unique services to give your learners something extra. Following the right approach to build your online language learning platform will help you build a successful elearning business that thrives.

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