Parenting Advice: Helping Your Child Develop Effective Study Skills

Parenting Advice

To excel in the classroom, you need the ideal mixture of work, effort, and the right mindset. Strong study habits are a key component in this formula and are a highly acquired trait. Straight-A students are made, not born.

Finding unique approaches to make learning fun for your child is the only way to maintain their interest in academics. It falls on you as a parent to identify their difficulties and the causes behind them in order to find a solution that simplifies their lives.

One of the most difficult things a parent can go through is seeing their child struggle academically. How, therefore, can you, as a parent, assist your child in mastering the study techniques required for academic success—and reaping benefits outside of the classroom as well?

Provide your kids with a dedicated study area.

Does your youngster have a desk or workspace of their own in a room of your house that is suitable for concentrated study? Consider whether it is well-lit and free of other distractions. In this section, Have access to useful study tools, such as vibrant post-its, a range of pens and pencils, highlighters, and scratch paper. Give your child the flexibility to decorate, and educate them to clean up and arrange their desk each night so they’re prepared to get to work when the next study session rolls around. This will help your child feel like he or she owns the space.

Encourage frequent breaks.

The adage “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is undoubtedly accurate. Your children could find studying tedious if you make them do it for hours on end.

Make sure your child takes breaks to allow their brain to rest. Encourage your child to engage in playtime go for a stroll, grab a snack, or check in with friends during the break.

Utilize new tools and technology.

Through movies, games, and other mediums, there are now new ways to learn as a result of technology. Every home now has internet access, allowing you to learn almost anything whenever you want.

Help your child understand how to use instructional websites and mobile apps that prioritise gaming. Modern educational tools allow for simple and enjoyable learning for students.

Additionally, game-based learning sparks children’s interest in disciplines like mathematics, which are frequently perceived by them as boring. You’ve struck gold if you can find enjoyable and engaging learning platforms!

Reduce distractions

The secret to producing outstanding achievements is concentration. And reducing distractions helps one focus. The primary source of distraction for students today is their home cell phones. Find a strategy to prevent your children from using cell phones while they are studying.

Additionally, your child’s attention can be diverted by the television or younger siblings playing at home. To get rid of these distractions, find your child in a peaceful, “not boring” place where they can concentrate on their studies.

Praise and encourage your child

As a parent, it’s imperative to give your children praise in order to keep them interested. It may only take encouraging parenting and acknowledging their successes (both big and small) for them to be inspired to keep going.

Prepare a strategy in advance.

Making plans beforehand is a good strategy. Make an advance plan with your child for the upcoming test, exam, or project. By breaking things up into manageable chunks, you can encourage your teen to work on one idea each day.

Place a high value on having a good time and sleeping enough.

Even though it’s easy to forget about your child’s extracurricular activities and how they sleep, these are important to their success. Before and after study sessions, as well as during study breaks, encourage your youngster to play outside. It’s equally important for your child to get a good night’s sleep without any worries.

Experiment and come up with new ideas.

Constantly reading notes and textbooks can get boring and tiresome. If your child has trouble with their homework, consider additional creative approaches like making flashcards for vocabulary terms, watching an internet video that explains the material in a fresh way, or listening to an engaging podcast or audiobook about the subject they’re learning.

Your child’s interest in the subject will be maintained thanks to this.

A child learns to move beyond the old method of rote learning in the modern educational environment. The Orbis Schools make every effort to provide all students with frequent, abundant, and frequent opportunities for leadership. The Celebrate Learning process at the Orbis Schools aims to transform learning into fun. The Orbis school has some core values like peer teaching, the buddy system, self-invigilation, open-book assessment, theme-based assemblies, leadership, etc.

With a flexible curriculum, The Orbis School fosters children’s natural curiosity while also teaching them to think for themselves. The value of imagination is frequently emphasised. A cognitive system that is well-developed is the result of play activities and a comprehensive curriculum.

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