11 Best Digital Signature Software that you can download in 2021

Digital Signature Software

Digital signature software can make your life a bit easy by signing documents remotely and storing them on the cloud. So, if you are looking for the best digital signature software, then you have come to the right place.

Most digital signature software uses PDF, which is an easy and convenient way to share documents with multiple users. So, there’s no surprise that PDF has become one of the most used document file formats and is also commonly used for downloaded documents and documents sent between different users across the world.

PDF is file protected and also protects the information sent in them. With the introduction of digital signatures, you can send the signed documents in your name within the PDF or similar format.

Fortunately, there are a number of digital signature software available that promise to deliver this feature and service, meaning you can work more easily with secure documents and contracts.

Here are some of the best digital signature software that is available today for all budgets and business sizes.


First on the list is FilesDNA, the most secured and advanced digital signature software in the world. Talking about security, FilesDNA is backed with the same blockchain integrity that cryptocurrencies use nowadays. 

Apart from that, FilesDNA also uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to keep your documents secure from fraudsters. If you are missing the feeling of signing with traditional pen and paper, FilesDNA has got you covered for this as well. It comes with a Smart Signature Pad, which is basically a pad with a wireless pen that lets you sign with the feel of a traditional pen and paper way.


Next on the list is DocuSign which is also the closest competitor to FilesDNA. DocuSign has more than 200 million users worldwide. The company is well-known as an e-signature solution provider that offers software to quickly and easily sign your documents. 

It is very easy to use DocuSign, all thanks to their number of integrations with Google, Windows, Apple, SalesForce, and more. Additionally, DocuSign is also fully secure as it uses strong encryption technologies and employs the industry’s best practices for protecting the data it handles.

DocuSign offers many plans while its standard plan works for up to three users, or you can try DocuSign for free with a 30-day trial.

Adobe Sign

You might have heard about this one; Adobe is the brand that started offering PDF file formats to the whole world. Moreover, Adobe is also one of the most famous names in the software industry.

Even they have come out with digital signature software that offers a wide range of features and functionality. For example, Adobe is available on the web as well as the mobile app so that you can sign your documents on the go. 


Similar to every software in this list, SignEasy is also web and mobile-compliant. It is cloud-based for on-the-go access, and the mobile experience for smart devices is very smartly laid out. 

In SignEasy, you can annotate signature boxes so the signers know where to sign. It is easy to set up templates for reuse if you have to sign the same documents again and again.

SignEasy’s pricing is very competitive, and it and comes with a standard plan as well. However, it has limited functionality, so it is better to choose the Plus or Professional plans for more features and functionality.

Secured Signing

The most cost-effective software in this list is Secured Signing. It is also cloud-based software, meaning it’s easy to access and use your electronic signature from any device.

Being the most cost-effective, Secured Signing offers many services that include a video confirmation feature that helps you identify the signer and prevent data from tampering. Also, you can invite others to sign as well. 

This software also supports PDF files, along with various signature fields for the multi-page Signing. However, pricing plans work on the number of documents to sign as much as the number of users. 

The starting plans of Secured Signing only offer a single user up to 10 documents per month.

OneSpan Sign

OneSpan Sign is also a well-known company that is used by other famous brands such as IBM, BMW, and many more. OneSpan is also used by many other small businesses as well. It is well optimized, easy-to-use workflow across devices and personnel. 

You can share the document on a public or private cloud, within your computing infrastructure only. Apart from that, it offers a number of integrations options to connect it with other services such as SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, and more. 

KeepSolid Sign

As per the name, KeepSolid Sign is solid in offering security and encryption and promises rapid, legally binding signatures on any device and offline access to sign contracts. 

There are annotation and collaboration tools alongside document tracking, which makes it easy to make changes in terms of usability.

You can get documents from virtually any major cloud or email repository such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, iCloud, and more. Then, just import the document into KeepSolid Sign, and add your signature.

One of the main reasons this software is best is because of its security credentials, as it fits into the company’s wider portfolio of safety and privacy tools. Also, the app is protected by AES-256 encryption.

KeepSolid Sign is a free digital signature software available on a 14-day trial basis. 


PandaDoc is another free electronic signature software that is best known for its streamlined user interface. This software offers e-signature and document management tools as well which includes drag and drop form integration, full audit histories, automated workflows, etc. 

PandaDoc also offers various integration options, including CRM, payment, and file storage apps.


For businesses and users looking for a simple platform to create and upload documents to easily and legally then Signaturely is the perfect choice.

When the documents get ready to sign, Signaturely guides the signers through the signing process step by step, all while keeping the sender information.


SignWell is another e-signing software that offers free plans, including document tracking, reminders, and flexible document workflows. This software also allows you a way to customize the experience for recipients depending on the type of document they are signing.

You can also have approval options for sales documents. At the same time, other legal documents are presented through a guided signing process. Also, SignWell offers an audit report with every signed document.


RightSignature is best known for its speed at which documents can be sent to clients. This software’s apps and desktop solution allow users to upload, format, and send documents in just a few clicks.

At last, the RightSignature offers its users a host of integration options, and an API is also offered for ease of operation.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the free e-signature software that you can get for your business. However, if you are getting e-signature software for the first time, we recommend you go with FilesDNA as it is the best and easy for amateurs. 

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