Neon Pixel 101: All You Need to Know

Neon Pixel

One of the most interesting trends in multiple industries pertaining to lighting technology is flexible neon pixel tapes. They are used for illumination, decoration, photography, shows, and so much more due to their versatile nature and functions. You can also use these flexible lighting products for effects due to the fact that they can alternate between different colors. They blink, stream, shift, and cascade depending on how you set the lighting changes to occur via programming.

The nature and function of neon pixels themselves already make this topic fascinating for those who like multipurpose products. What cements the need to know about them, however, is how they could change the way people view the concept of light. That is to say, when you know that you have other options in illuminating your home, traditional light bulbs become boring. When you can use neon pixel lights to make rooms more interesting, there’s no reason not to use them.

What Is It?

A Neon Pixel strip is a flat or round length of semi-transparent material that houses multi-colored neon lights. They can either maintain one color or can shift through several in a multitude of appealing patterns that you set. These patterns can be either pre-programmed or you can choose another one with more customization if the hardware permits it. You will need the right neon pixel strip for that, though, so be sure to research your choice as needed.

Neon Pixel

It should also be noted that neon pixel strips are designed to be in the full control of the user. This includes its length, shape, coverage, function, and the combination of colors that are available for sequencing and gradients. This means that, unlike traditional lighting options, you are not constrained to only one option, thus suiting multiple scenarios. For the most part, users are limited only by their imagination and creativity in terms of what this product offers.

How Does It Work?

Neon pixel lights work via individual segments of neon points that can be controlled in numerous ways for visual effect. This means that, depending on the settings you have chosen, you can have each point light up in duration that you need. A lot of this will hinge on the quality of the strips themselves since not all of them are similarly versatile. This means that if you want the full range of colors and sequences from this product, you should choose carefully.

In most cases, these neon points are encased in flexible, polymer materials that can be both flexible and robust. At the endpoint are wires that are attached to the control device, which can then be used for calibration. This will be connected to the appropriate hardware with the right software that will allow you to tinker with it. From there, it will be up to you how the light sequence will behave and what the patterns will be.

Where to Get It

The source of your neon pixel strip is incredibly important because of how it will impact the quality of the product. As such, you need to pay careful attention to the source of the item if you want your money’s worth. A good place to start would be reputable manufacturers that are known for producing high-quality neon pixel lights. If you are planning to buy them in bulk, this would be your best option since it can be more convenient.


You can read some reviews and look up various websites covering the topic for more insight into the matter. This will allow you to have a better idea of what you should be looking for to identify a good source. You could also get more information that will allow you to ask the right questions pertaining to your needs. Neon flex lights might not be that expensive, but you don’t want to waste money with incompatible options anyway.

Which to Get

In most cases, the biggest differences between the different neon pixel products on the market are dimensions and bending diameter. In almost everything else, the various manufacturers will produce light strips with similar specifications, including wattage and LED spacing. This does not apply to all sellers, though, since some will have their own unique spins on the product. There can also be some variations in terms of materials and beam angles depending on the models that are available.

As for which of the available neon pixel lights you should get, it would depend on what you need it for. Some lights are flat while others are domed, which will affect what you can use them for and how. You will also need to pay attention to the beam angles which can either be 160 degrees or 260 degrees. Along with that, there are also the materials to think about, which can include PVC or silicone, which affects flexibility and transparency.

How to Use Effectively

The first step to using neon pixel lights in an effective manner is to have all the tools prepared beforehand. This includes having a sharp cutting blade for segmenting the tape as necessary when fitting surfaces or corners. A heat gun and flat-nose pliers would also be recommended for easy handling.


Beyond that, though, it would be advisable to plan out the final outcome. If you have a good grasp of what the end result will be, you’ll make fewer mistakes.


Neon pixel lights are perfect for a good number of projects that involve lighting effects. Runways, clothing displays, store signs, corner lights, and many more are possible through this item. Knowing about it and how you can best use it would allow you to make the most of it. You also get your money’s worth, as a result.

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