5 Must Have Meeting Room Amenities In Your Coworking Space

Meeting room coworking space

One of the most essential requirements of any workplace, and certainly a coworking space, is a meeting room equipped for a range of requirements. Most coworking spaces have multiple varieties available for meeting rooms – depending upon the number of people, the purpose, and other factors. For instance, a meeting room may be required for conducting interviews, brainstorming with the team, or inviting potential clients for discussions, among other uses. Regardless of the range of uses, there are a few basic facilities that a meeting room should have to ensure that the room has a multifunctional purpose, and the agenda is achieved without any hitch. We could be more excited to share some of Sydney’s shared coworking spaces. Let’s take a look at the 5 most essential meeting room amenities:

Dedicated Wi-Fi + wired internet connection

Having a secure and fast internet connection is one of the most basic requirements for every meeting, irrespective of its nature. Whether it is a pitch to a new client or a brainstorming session with the team, a reliable internet connection is a must.

A wired internet connection is important for its more reliable performance, lower maintenance and an added benefit of being able to connect to a wide range of devices, including legacy devices. On the other hand, a wireless connection is certainly more convenient and more compatible with modern gadgets, especially in the case of portable devices like tablets, laptops, or phones.

Therefore, it’s essential to have both types of internet connectivity to ensure all possible user requirements are adequately taken care of.

Adequate Power supply and outlets

As an obvious corollary to the point discussed above, adequate power supply and a sufficient number of power outlets within the meeting room is a requirement that simply cannot be ignored. To avoid unforeseen technical snags, power supply should be available at all times to ensure that no device runs out of battery or no other hindrance of such nature puts a stop to the work being done.

Quality conference call facilities

This is especially important in cases of client discussions, or when collaborating with other teams that may be working remotely, or even conducting a recruitment drive. Conference call facilities ensure that irrespective of territorial boundaries, all required participants can be equally involved and informed at the same time about the tasks at hand and progress made, without having to make several different communications, which leaves scope for miscommunication. This translates to premium telephone equipment with high-quality speakers, reliability hardware, and a variety of features. The meeting room must also be designed to maximise cellular network coverage.

Whiteboards and markers

While addressing a group of professionals, it is pertinent that the idea being discussed is effectively and efficiently delivered to all present. Regardless of the evolution of our tech, there still arguably is no better way to accomplish this than by putting the point across graphically using tools like flowcharts or mindmaps, with the help of whiteboards. Whiteboards help not just with communication, but with the process of ideating and streamlining as well. A modern equivalent (which may be added in conjunction) are high-quality projectors.

Arrangements For Refreshments

Corporate meetings are notorious for spiralling into an endless loop of hours and hours of discussions and deliberations. While fixing a trend may be the prerogative of the organization itself to fix, the meeting room can certainly help by keeping the mind alert and responsive. This is why arrangements for basic refreshments should be in place in meeting rooms. For most, coffee is the only saviourfor late-night brainstorming sessions or a day-long recruitment drive. Having a dedicated coffee machine for this purpose ensures much more efficient usage of productive time. Not just coffee, in case of client meetings or even a team meeting, it is an essential part of basic hosting etiquette to have basic refreshments like coffee, water, and light snacks like cookies to keep people feeling alert, hydrated, and engaged in the work.

Coworking Space

Most providers of coworking space in Bangalore usually have 3-4 types of meeting rooms available to suit different purposes. This issame in most of the other metropolitan cities as well. For instance, iKevaprovides 4 different types of meeting rooms: the Interview room, Huddle room, Board room and Event space. The charges for these rooms along with the facilities vary but remain incredibly compelling and offering true value. This not only ensures requisite infrastructure based on the team’s needs and meeting agenda, but also helps teams in avoiding paying an exorbitant amount for facilities that they may not even require or use. These are just a few of the many meeting room amenities that can go a long way in ensuring peak user satisfaction. Others can include adequate and comfortable seating, temperature control, or a projector or networked display. Additionally, several other facilities may be required depending on the purpose for which the room is required, and the number of people estimated to be present. Before taking a meeting room for rent, Check out the wide range of plans, pay-as-you-go model, and more!

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