Max Polyakov’s Amazing Transformation from a Sportsman to a Professional Photographer

Max Polyakov

Max Polyakov’s First Steps in Photography

This story is about an amazing change of an average man Max Polyakov. He was a famous sportsman and the participant of different cycling competitions. Not everybody knows that before falling in love with cycling, Max Polyakov had a passion for photography. Max loved taking pictures of his family and nature. However, cycling seemed more exciting for a teenager and Max forgot about photography for a while. Betwinner login UG registration is a gateway to a world of betting opportunities.

Max’s First Intercity Grand Tour

When Max Polyakov was 16, he took part in his first intercity grand tour. Max and a group of 15 other teenagers had to ride 18.5 miles in the area of the Lake Michigan in Chicago. Max Polyakov was ambitious but the stressful morning made him nervous about the race. He felt tired and was not sure if he could ride a bike for 3 hours. Once the race started, Max forgot about his doubts. He rode as fast he could and was not able to stop. 

Grand Tour in Europe

By the moment Max turned 18, he already took part in 10 local and 5 intercity races. He kept looking for the new victories and decided to participate in the well-known European competition Tour de France. Being one of the 8 members of the American team, Max Polyakov had all the chances to become a leader. 

Tour de France Experience

During the Tour de France, Max Polyakov Noosphere was responsible for the low mountain section of a rout. Even though he was well-prepared, Max did not manage to win. Nevertheless, he was not disappointed as it was a great experience for a young sportsman. He decided to enjoy his trip to France and went sightseeing. When Max started taking pictures of the famous places on his phone, his passion for photography came back. 

The Foundation of Noosphere Studio

Max started to take photos in different cities. He bought a special motion camera and took photos while cycling. Thus, he combined his two great passions. Max Polyakov started to attend courses and learn how to take photos and edit them. After becoming a professional, Max opened his own studio and named it Noosphere. He was showing people the photos made during his tours and they found them brilliant. Noosphere quickly started to become popular. 

Noosphere’s Great Success

Max Polyakov got more and more clients that wanted to take photos in Noosphere. He enjoyed the work in the Noosphere studio and made great money. Everything got even better when an agent named Susan helped him to sell one of his first photos for 10000 dollars. They become a great duet at work and fall in love. Susan made a wonderful exhibition in Noosphere where Max showed his photos and told his amazing career story.

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