Maitake Mushroom Benefits Explained

Maitake Mushroom

The unprecedented pandemic times call for a stronger immunity, and the extensive scientific research has proven that extracts of Maitake mushroom may be the most effective in boosting your immune system. Being a beneficial adaptogen, Maitake mushroom also helps to promote the natural balance and stress response of the body. 

Therefore, Maitake mushroom extract might be one of the most vital medicinal fungus available for immune, heart, and hormonal health.

What is a Maitake mushroom?

Grifola frondosa or Maitake mushroom is a powerful “superfood” fungus vital for our immune system, along with providing other versatile health benefits. It is a culinary mushroom, also known as the “hen of the woods” that has been cultivated for thousands of years throughout Asia for being used as an immunity boosting, hormone balancing, and heart health boosting tonic. Grown in the wild, it forms huge clusters at the tree base which grow into enormous sizes. This has earned it the nickname “The king of mushrooms.”

Here are some incredible benefits of Maitake mushroom when consumed in proper doses regularly, and which makes it a “superfood.”

Enhances Immune System

Maitake mushrooms are most revered for their potent immune response stimulating health benefits, by enhancing the enhanced the production and activity of neutrophils and monocytes. The medicinal mushrooms have the ability recover the bone marrow and enhance the activity of white blood cells, thus making them a powerful immuno-stimulant.

They are also extremely rich in beta glucan polysaccharides, and are also given the name of “biological response modifiers” as the mushrooms have a powerful ability to activate the immune system, as well as anti- viral properties.

Advantageous For Female Health

Maitake mushroom is a great fascinating fungus vital for improving women’s hormonal health conditions. The most common disorder caused due to imbalanced hormones—the polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), affects the female endocrine system. However, Maitake’s beneficial activity on insulin sensitivity has scientifically proved to induce ovulation and regulate menstrual cycles, thereby improving hormonal balance. 

The Maitake mushroom extract from Teelixir Australia works by helping to restore the body’s normal insulin levels which decreases inflammation, and thus results in aiding to reduce PCOS in women. 

Boosts Heart Health 

Maitake extract is extremely beneficial in improving heart health. It particularly stabilizes blood sugar, improves insulin resistance, and helps to combat hypertension. Studies have also shown that Maitake mushroom extract considered to be the best tonic for high blood pressure. The medicinal mushroom also aids the filtration and movement of blood, and regulates the process of detoxification. Therefore, it also helps people with type 2 diabetes; however, prior consultation with your doctor is always advised.

Some additional health benefits of the medicinal Maitake mushroom include:

  • It improves metabolism
  • It elevates mood and libido
  • It enhances brain function
  • Being loaded with antioxidants, the mushroom may also help to reduce oxidative stress
  • It helps in building bones and muscles
  • Maitake mushroom increases energy
  • It may support cancer prevention and treatment


Maitake mushroom extract can make a delicious and extremely healthy addition to your baked goods, soup broths, smoothies, raw desserts, hot chocolates, and more. Also, now it is readily available worldwide, so you can easily incorporate the superfood in your daily regimen to utilize its full potential for your benefit. 

Considered the king of medicinal mushrooms, the Maitake mushroom has proved to be an extremely valuable and powerful life-enhancing fungus.

Now that you are aware of the significant health benefits of the magical Maitake mushrooms, try to include them in your daily routine, beginning today. 

However, make sure that you buy your superfood mushrooms from a trustworthy and safely grown source. Also, check with your doctor before incorporating them in your diet if you have any existing health conditions, or if you are on medications, as the Maitake mushroom just like any other food, may cause an allergic reaction.

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