2 Main Google Display Ads Campaign Formats?

Google Display Ads Campaign Formats

The ads shown on videos, articles, or websites are called Display ads. You can supply your ads on the Google display network. It can assist you to reach customers with: targeted display ads while they are checking their Gmail account or browsing their favorite websites. But the question is: what two main ad formats can be used in a Google display ads campaign? The two ad formats are:

Uploaded Ads

Uploaded Ads are created using a tool like Google Web Designer. These ads are applicable for those who desire the highest control over the techniques used in Display Campaigns. It is the main format in which ads are uploaded in one size. The two types of uploaded ads are APMHTML ads and Image ads. These ads provide you with better control. AMPHTML ads empower publishers to deliver a faster and secure ad experience. Image ads are uploaded as zip files that only work in banner-eligible slots. These slots have a restricted scale compared to responsive display ads. The two main benefits include:

  • You can develop these ads using templates.
  • You can link these ads for dynamic remarketing.

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Responsive Display Ads

Responsive display ads involve textual and visual elements. It allows you to upload your assets timely because Google distinctively generates these ads using the assets to fit them perfectly on Google Display Network.  The assets include images, videos, logos, headlines, and descriptions. Google Display Network will optimize these assets to display to an audience. You don’t need to have an external designer to process these ads. Make sure your ad has complete elements. That includes description, business name, short headline, image logo, and marketing image. The main benefits include:

  • You can detect the performance of each asset.
  • It provides an extensive reach to fit more placements.

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