Know Your Colleagues

Know Your Colleagues

How well do you know the person who is sitting just next to you? Do they have any idea about us? Let’s know your colleagues now.

We spend lots of time with the person who is sitting next to us than our family but what does your desk mate really think? Are you curious about this?

Building any relationships with your colleagues just next to you is crucial to job satisfaction and growth of your career.

So what’s coming in your mind first when you want to know your colleagues?

“Is your colleague married or single?” , “What were their academic achievements?”, “Why did he leave his/her last job?” or “What are some of his/her favourite hobbies?”

Let’s see how to take those first few steps.

Listen to them

Try to listen to your coworkers actively. Know their opinion and how they feel. We always forget that listening is half of the communication equation.

As you spend most part of your day with your coworkers, teamwork is very essential that help you achieve your goals.

Knowing your coworkers very well and understanding that drives their motivation, make the work atmosphere conducive to productivity.

Join them actively in a party

It’s happy hour now and I am ready to join ur coworkers for lunch.
It’s very relaxing to spend time with them basically outside the office. This builds a stronger relationships.

So, the next time when you spot your colleague near the coffee machine; don’t hesitate and strike a conversation with him/her.

Are you personally solving their problem?

You’ll never get a chance to know if you don’t initiate meaningful conversations with your colleagues and open yourself for building relationships. This might feel a bit odd at first moment but if you think, it will absolutely and completely be worth it.

The HR team continuously strives towards fostering employee relations.

Thanks for being so helpful

We sometimes forget to appreciate our colleagues of our peers.
Saying “thank you” may seem like good nature to make a lasting impression. You might even regard a peer-to-peer bonus program.

That means when people connect, they communicate and when they communicate with each other, they create.

Solve problem

Don’t avoid them. If you think that there’s a confliction between you and a coworker then try to solve them. This needs a determine process to resolve the situation, and follow them together. There are always be ups and down and you may agree to disagree, but do this with respect always.

The mantra of a good and happy work environment is to know each other reasonably very well. This helps measure the level of trust the company was able to instill in their employees towards themselves.

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