Keto-friendly taco bell options

taco bell

Taco bells have become one of the favorite foods of all as it is super handy and a blessing for those who are in a hurry on the roads. It’s in great demand amongst the office-going people as it minimizes the load of carrying heavy lunch boxes and is super nutritious with homemade Mexican recipes. As we know, the world is getting fitness conscious, and so the Keto taco bell is a perfect option for them. It’s easy to cook and contains essential nutrients needed by one. Besides, it tastes so good that one won’t have a feeling of having a keto diet. You can customize your taco bells with your favorite options, like shredded chickens, which are low in carbs. There are so many recipes one can try under keto-friendly taco bells and would never get bored of. In this article, we will bring such mouthwatering recipes which you won’t be able to resist! Even if you are willing to go out, ordering these keto taco bells wouldn’t make you compromise with your diet. Nowadays, keto taco bells are readily available on outlets like McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Chick-Fil-A as confirmed by DIet Menus

Before we proceed further, here are some tips to make you keto taco bells.

If you are in a hurry and need a quick meal, you can have these keto taco bells, but add grilled chicken instead. If you are looking for a drink alongside, you can go with coffee or soda as the best options. Try to put extra veggies or side salad in it and say a big no to rice or tortillas. You can have the salsa or our sour cream in it, which works wonderfully for keto options. All this will nearly provide you around 20-50g range per day.

To add on, you can experiment with beef and shredded cheese. Do not include ingredients like beans, potatoes, nachos, or fries. It’s best to have these recipes at home as the restaurant may put unhealthy vegetable oils or preservatives in your food.

Let’s have a look at keto-friendly taco bell options.

1. Mini Skillet Bowl 

The first on our list is the Mini skillet bowl. If you are thinking of ordering these, go for some customizations, like replacing the potatoes with any meat of your choice. To boost up the fat, you can include cheddar cheese, low-carb sour cream, guacamole, and creamy chipotle sauce. If having this in breakfast, you can add egg steaks, and the whole bowl will provide you with 5 g of carbs. It’s not only healthy but will also taste delicious to start your day with while keeping you energetic all day long.

2. Fiesta Taco Salad with Chicken 

The second on our list is Fiesta taco salad with chickens. The things to exclude here include beans, rice, shells, and red stripes. Try adding it with lots of salads and other healthy stuff like lettuce, cheese, chicken, sour cream, tomatoes, and salsa. The bowl will make up to 10g of carbs in total while keeping you fit and healthy.

3. Power Menu Bowl 

As the name suggests, this bowl is to power you up with a keto version. You need to eliminate the beans and rice from it, and you would be left with the high fat and rich in protein taco lunch. For boosting up the volume, fill it with some lettuce and bacon. For more taste to add, go with Avocado Ranch Sauce. The bowl will provide you with 6g of carbs.

4. Grande Scrambler Burrito – 7g carbs

The Grande Scrambler burrito is the perfect one for breakfast if followed by customization like replacing the burrito instead of potatoes. This recipe is the quickest and most accessible of all if you look forward to a keto diet. Add some toppings consisting of guacamole, tomato, jalapenos, or salsa. You can add on Pico de gallo and between bacon, sausage, or steak for more fillings. The whole bowl of it will provide you with approx—7 g of carbs.


This was all about a bit of effort to make your keto-friendly taco options more yummy and healthy. This will surely fulfill all your cravings for the day.

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