Is Intelligent Office Design a Smart Business Investment?

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We live a third of our lives in the office, there are no ifs or buts about it. You may like this information or you may not, but it is the truth. And because of this, it’s very important that we find a way to make that 33% not only tolerable, but enjoyable.

That is where intelligent office design comes in. By setting up your office properly and efficiently, you will make everybody much happier. Your employees will actually look forward to coming to work. This may sound a bit silly, but know that a cluttered and poorly thought out office will make everything more difficult. Every single thing, from going to the bathroom to holding an important majority shareholder meeting will become harder. A lack of proper lighting, a cramped workplace, uncomfortable chairs, everything will slowly but surely erode productivity and morale.

Ergonomic Furniture improves Productivity

It doesn’t matter where your headquarters is , you should always invest in furniture, no matter the cost. So if you’re
searching for good office chairs in Sydney
and trying to get a good deal, or maybe somewhere in Barcelona or in
London, it doesn’t matter, you need to know that furniture is important. And no, it’s not just about looks.

Your employees will spend 8 hours at their desks and in their chairs. Sure, they will move around have a lunch break, go to the bathroom. This still leaves a minimum of 6 hours of sitting that can wreak havoc upon a person’s
body after a couple of months. An uncomfortable chair or desk will drive a person crazy. Your employees will shift their focus from their work and onto their back pain. Try to give them ergonomic chairs, as well as proper workstations that facilitate proper posture.

Also, try to keep the place clutter free. Bigger is not always better, less is sometimes more. If you don’t need them, get desks without drawers. Sometimes chairs without wheels are more comfortable than the regular mobile one. Don’t add too many art stations if you only have one graphic designer on board. You should definitely invest in furniture, but there is no need to be wasteful with your money and your space.

Proper Lighting and lots of Space Improves Morale

Most people today spend their time indoors, with no access to natural light. That’s a shame, because natural light is needed for Vitamin D production. It regulates your mood, strengthens your immune system and just makes you a happier and better person overall. We are not nearly exposed enough to sunlight as we should. This is why designing an office that has a lot of natural light, big windows and high ceilings will make everybody more productive. As opposed to having a place that looks like you’re inside a prison. You don’t need to be familiar with how Vitamin D works in order to notice the benefits of a nicely designed workspace.

Next, proper natural lighting doesn’t strain your eyes as much. They have evolved in way that they adjust to sunlight levels changing throughout the day. Having horrible neon lights being the same for eight hours straight is not natural. Another thing that’s not natural is being In the same cramped space throughout the day.

People need space to move around. Unfortunately, there’s no getting away from you just sitting all day (unless you invest in a standing desk). But, there is something called circulation space. This is the amount of room found in corridors, between desks and other parts of the office. By having more room to walk around and stretch their legs, you get rid of the sense of claustrophobia that comes from cramped offices.

It’s the little things that matter

Little annoyances really add up and can ruin somebody’s day. The human subconscious is a wonderful thing, and you’d be shocked just how much stuff can mess with your mood.

For example, get some green stuff in your office. Seeing some real, true blue, green plants in an office will really make people happier. It will also make the air cleaner and healthier as well. Just avoid that fake
stuff, it’s utterly depressing.

Next, add some artwork. Nothing too fancy or expensive, just something that doesn’t leave you with bare walls. Or, if you would prefer, have some minimalistic paint jobs around the place. When we’re on the subject, try to paint the place in basically any colour that’s not beige or white. You can choose whether you want energetic bright or warm and soothing colours, just avoid having your place look like a hospital.


A happy employee is a productive and loyal employee. This may seem a bit Machiavellian, but the simple fact is that this will benefit your people and your company greatly. They have a job they enjoy and look forward to, and you see your bottom line increase rapidly. Just keep your office nice and well designed, and you will see just how great of an investment doing something like this really is.

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