Dynamics AX is a Transformational Solution to Streamline the Business Operations!

Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX, which is now named as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is company’s most advanced business solution for the business, with extremely adaptable and industry-specific features to empower even the most intricate of the organizations. Dynamics AX assists with international operations with 36 location-based localizations for streamlined multi-currency as well as multi-lingual functionality. Now completely available as a cloud as well as an on-premise version, Microsoft Dynamics AX offers a deep and dependable Tier 1 ERP functionality. Also the solution is extremely economical, and it much better than some of the traditional ERP programs.

Intricate firms often institute a shared services plan for their company to enhance the operational efficiency, boost enterprise-wide economic visibility or to understand post-acquisition budget synergies. Earlier, finding a perfect enterprise resource planning solution to assist these operational modifications while still offering near real-time financial detailing had been a little tough. Though, companies can now easily use the cutting edge functions present in the Microsoft Dynamics AX to smoothly handle all of their centralized and dispersed operational as well as financial functions, and that too within the ERP solution. Dynamics AX is a wonderful ERP solution which consolidates business functions into a single, conversant Microsoft technology platform. Moreover, the release of the fresh cloud-based AX allows the companies to make quicker and intelligent decisions, reshape organization’s processes quickly and fuel business development with a flexible, customer-focused solution.

Businesses require the ability to streamline their business model to serve their clients and customers in the best possible manner without thinking about the influence these organizational modifications may make on all of their financial procedures. Though, management still requires a real-time, complete view of the whole financial state across the company. Microsoft applied their deep experience in finance, accounting, threat management, compliance and supply-chain handling to the already effective Microsoft Dynamics AX solution in order to offer an improved shared services abilities, best-practice financial directives and intricate reporting and business financial functions to this ERP solution.

New features are developed regularly for both businesses which are already using Microsoft Dynamics AX as well as for the ones who are considering a swap to the Dynamics AX solution. Along with the latest features, and the good old capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics AX, a business can very easily centralize sales, buying, accounts receivable as well as accounts payable, warehouse management, transportation management, and a host of other business functions. In addition to the improved Dynamics AX shared service operations, the new added feature lead to:

  • Better methods for financial consolidation as well accounts management in the company
  • Uniform financial processes and methods;
  • Efficient financial period ending
  • Optimized structure for financial compliance, reporting as well as the guidelines


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations and Finance which as we know is Microsoft’s business program for enterprises, allows the companies to make intelligent decisions quicker with access to real-time information as well as the required intelligence on almost any device, and at any place. It allows the firms to reshape the business procedures quicker so the companies can innovate and get fast time to value in order stay ahead of their competition. And it offers the businesses the much needed flexibility which helps them to grow at their speed via the choice and advantage of the cloud, which helps the enterprises to ramp up their operations worldwide to fulfill all the business needs. Overall, Microsoft dynamics AX consulting is a fantastic solution for companies of any size as it helps them to not only streamline their operations but, in a way it greatly helps to boost the productivity of the workforce as well.

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