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For a browser which doesn’t support script or disabled scripts in their browser, the ‘noscript’ tag defines an alternate content for the users.

If scripts are not supported or disabled in the user’s browser, then, the content inside the ‘noscript’ tag will be displayed.

This can be placed in both <head> and <body>. For inside the <head> element, <noscript> must contain only <style>, <link> and <meta> elements.

So, the HTML <noscript> Element defines a section of html that to be inserted when a script type on the page is not supported or if the scripting is currently disabled in the browser.

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Note: In HTML 4.01, the <noscript> tag only be used inside a <body> element, not in <head>. But, in HTML5, this tag can be used both inside <head> as well as <body>.
The <noscript> tag is not supported in XHTML.

Most of the browsers like chrome, edge, internet explorer, firefox, safari and opera supports this tag.


function showMsg() {
alert("Hello World!");
<noscript>Your browser does not support JavaScript! <a href="">Click Here</a></noscript>

The combination of <noscript> with the jQuery detection covers most problems with help of corporate firewalls and browser settings or plugins.

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