Advantages and disadvantages of JavaScript

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JavaScript client side scripting provides many advantages over server side scripts. For example, using JavaScript, you can check if any user has entered a correct email address in a form field.

JavaScript is one of the most simple, lightweight, versatile and interpreted programming language used to extend functionality in websites.

It also possesses some negative effects which can make you think twice before applying JavaScript on your website.

Let’s see some of its advantages and disadvantages of JavaScript.

Advantages of JavaScript :

  • Executed on the client side: For example, you can validate any user input before sending a request to the server. This makes less load on the server.
  • Relatively an easy language: This is quite easy to learn and the syntax that is close to English.
  • Instance response to the visitors: Without any server interaction, you don’t have to wait for a page reload to get your desire result.
  • Fast to the end user: As the script is executed on the user’s computer, depending on task, the results are completed almost instantly.
  • Interactivity increased: Creating interfaces that can react when the user hovers over them or activates them using the keyboard.
  • Rich interfaces: Drag and drop components or slider may give a rich interface to your site visitors.

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Disadvantages of JavaScript :

  • Security issues: Any JavaScript snippets, while appended onto web pages on client side immediately can also be used for exploiting the user’s system.
  • Doesn’t have any multiprocessor or multi threading capabilities.
  • As no supports are available, JavaScript cannot be used for any networking applications.
  • JavaScript does not allow us to read or write files.
  • JavaScript render varies: JavaScript may be rendered by different layout engines differently. As a result, this causes inconsistency in terms of interface and functionality.

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