How Your Brand Can Increase Exposure Using Different Channels?


The last thing you want to do in your branding efforts is to bottleneck your entire online presence and become associated with a single channel or medium. You see, this is what happens to a lot of influencers nowadays. They become popular on one platform and just can’t successfully transition anywhere else. As a result, their influence and, subsequently, their ability to make a profit suffer. Here are several tips on how to avoid it, as well as a couple of tips on how to have a stronger online presence, in general.

Start by creating great content

The first thing you need to do in order to improve your exposure is to start creating quality content. You see, the majority of online formats can be universally shared across all platforms. For instance, you can make a 2-hour long podcast an upload it to your official YouTube channel but you can also take some interesting parts from it, cut them into 3-minute long clips and post them on your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. For any of this to work, however, your content needs to be quality enough to attract attention and earn shares. Speaking of which…

Try to understand why people share

In your online exposure attempts, you’ll greatly depend on the willingness of your audience to share your content on their own. In order for this to work, you need to try and understand what it is that makes people share in the first place. Sometimes, people want to entertain their friends and followers, which makes them share content that they, themselves, find particularly entertaining. They are also likely to share content that talks about goals, causes and values that they hold in high regard. Lastly, they share in order to feel like a part of a larger community.

Write with knowledge and authority

In the field of e-commerce, in order to attract attention, you need to have someone with knowledge and authority draft your content, as well as product descriptions. Sure, in some fields, the advantages and disadvantages of buying a certain product are more than evident, however, in narrowly specialized niches like the oil industry, you need to be a lot more specific. For instance, when selling oil equipment such as tubulars, what you need to do is be quite specific about what the equipment in question does. This means doing your research, and being specific about both the dimensions and the performances of the equipment in question.

Interact with your online community

Interacting with your online community and, even more importantly, interacting with them directly is a great opportunity for much better engagement. Keep in mind, however, that the tone and nature of your response are crucial. Agreeing with your audience, retweeting their posts and sharing any content where they praise you or address you directly is the way to go. Being classy in the face of criticism and handling any hard-to-swallow pill in style are also appreciated.

Improve timing of your posts

Every platform has a perfect time to post. For instance, on Facebook, posting early in the afternoon is considered to be ideal, however, on Instagram, the optimal time for posting is between 1pm and 4pm. When it comes to Twitter, going for a 5 pm tweet is a practice that will give you the highest number of retweets. One last thing you need to be aware of is the fact that you may have an international audience, which is why you might have to take time-zones into consideration.

Invest in SEO

One more thing that you should definitely consider doing isinvesting in SEO. The way in which this benefits you is, frankly, quite simple. By increasing your visibility, you’re increasing the chance that your audience will discover you on their own. This way, you immediately seem less pushy and their natural defense-mechanisms (that they subconsciously use against hard-sell marketing) are off. Moreover, by getting to the top of its search results, your company will automatically appear more legitimate. In other words, this method boosts both your online exposure and your branding, at the same time. As you can see, where there’s a will, there’s always a way and with so many options available, the effectiveness of your online marketing just cannot falter. Just keep in mind that while you do have all of these options available, not all of these channels are of the same priority. Which of them are more important is on you to figure out, due to the fact that this depends on your industry and your target audience. So, before you proceed to make an online marketing strategy, do your homework first.

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