How to save money when sending packages from the USA to Europe

sending packages

Who does not like saving money when it’s possible? It feels great to save funds on anything, and especially on those things that are considered to be expensive.

International package shipping can sometimes be expensive, but with the right tactic, you can lower the costs dramatically. When sending packages overseas, follow these simple tips and your pocket will thank you.

Choose Carrier Wisely

If you want to save big on sending packages overseas, the most effective way is to find a carrier with reasonable pricing. But that’s not just it. It’s also smart to choose a carrier based on its specialization.

For example, you need shipping to Poland services, but big-name couriers are too expensive for your pocket. Try to find a shipping company specializing in this exact route. This way sending packages to Poland will be cheaper. Plus, you’ll get premium services guaranteed.

Compare Pricing

Another great way to avoid overpaying when sending packages overseas is to compare the pricing. There is a bunch of websites where you can compare the prices from a different carrier, but usually, they show the pricing of only those well-known couriers’.

If you want to make deeper research on shipping rates, use the shipping calculator most carriers have online. Sometimes you can also get a personal quote by sending an email or giving a call. This way you’ll see the full picture of what prices to expect and how not to pay too much.

Reuse packaging

Internal packaging materials usually cost a lot and spending money on such things is more than annoying. If you’re sending packages overseas quite often, you probably receive a lot of them as well. If yes, don’t throw the packaging materials away.

Most internal packaging can be reused many times. For example, internal packaging such as bubble wrap, craft paper, packing peanuts is more than great to reuse as they don’t get damaged during the transportation processes. But be careful when reusing cardboard boxes. They must be in perfect condition for safe package delivery.

The bottom line

International cheap shipping exists. And if you’re lucky enough to find a carrier with affordable rates and do the things listed above when sending packages overseas, you’ll definitely save a lot of money and avoid overpaying.

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