How to Retarget the Right Audience

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Remember when you were just starting out and thought you’d never get a customer? Those days are long gone and now, your business has been booming. The thing is, you realized that you’ve been missing out on an entire demographic who seem like the perfect customer. While your marketing strategy has brought in business, it might not be reaching those people you want to attract. If you’ve been looking to revamp your marketing strategy, you’ve come to the right place. Here are ways to re-target your ideal customer and boost your ROI.

What is Re-Targeting?

If you’ve ever ran ads before, then you already have an idea of who you want as a customer. While some of the ads did produce results, they might not have performed as well as you hoped. Just the same as you can get stuck in a career rut, your campaigns can get stuck in ruts as well. That’s where retargeting comes into play. When you retarget a demographic, you use previous analytics to determine who clicked on your ads. You can also determine their geographic location, when they were most active and what they did once they landed on your website. With this information in hand, you can also understand why certain people may have gone to your website but left before making a purchasing decision.

Create a New Strategy

To effectively retarget lost leads, you need a solid strategy. If you already have marketing expertise, then now’s the time to kick things into overdrive. Think like your ideal customer. What would make you take action on an ad? People want to be entertained as well as educated. They also want to know that becoming your customer is worth their time. If your ad strategy isn’t planting that seed, you might need to hire a professional. However, working with a marketing agency can be expensive, so you need to budget for expenses months in advance. If you were planning on applying for a small business loan, you could factor this into how much you’re going to need. In some cases, it’s uncommon for entrepreneurs to get their companies up and running prior to applying for a loan. That way, they already have an established history of success under their belt.

Types of Retargeting

There is more than one way to retarget your audience. General retargeting involves creating generic ads about your brand. They’re shown to a group of people you think will convert. A new hair salon might run these types of ads on Facebook if their preferred clientele is older than 40. Alternatively, a hair salon that caters to a younger demographic might run the same ads on Instagram or TikTok to entice a younger audience. Dynamic ads use product-specific ads for those same groups of people. They are meant to make people take action. Say the hair salon wants to promote a new stylist who is an expert in color. They make market the product they use in conjunction with a generic ad to make people click. In both scenarios, you would need to create a marketing funnel that encourages users to take some sort of action with the ad. This could be clicking to the website, following you on social or reaching out to you directly.

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