How to Prioritize SEO tasks?

SEO tasks

SEO depends on multiple factors. This makes SEO plan formulation an overwhelming experience for many SEOs. While there are online paid and free tools available for generating technical SEO audit reports, they also point towards hundreds of tasks that are not equally important.

Not every client or a business has the budget to complete every task/error generated by a machine within a certain time-frame. This makes it important for SEOs to prioritize their work according to two aspects: Effort and Value in Return.

Make a list of all the tasks that need to be fixed. Communicate with team members to learn about the completion time of every task on the list. This will automatically give you the estimated effort required for the execution of each task. Prioritizing tasks will help you maximize your result within the required timeframe and budget.

Here are Some Tips When Prioritizing SEO tasks:

Stay Away From Tasks Which Waste Time & Offer Little Value in Return 

Google Console Crawling Errors

Google Console Crawling errors are not something which you have to fret over. You can not completely ignore them but paying attention to them while they offer little value in return is not the right way to go about the execution of your SEO strategy.

Social Media Signals

Social Media is a powerful way of generating brand awareness and traffic, but it does not have a direct effect on Google rankings.

Keyword Density

Keyword density used to be all the rage a few years back. However, it is not the case anymore. Writing natural, informative and unique content is what makes Google and users happy.

Tasks which Require Prioritization

Keyword Research According to User Intent

This is one of the most critical of all SEO tasks. Without a proper keyword plan in place, you cannot get the right customers for your business, even after the keywords are ranked on Google. Think of putting yourself in client shoes to select the most appropriate keywords for your business.

Quality Content Will Always Be the King

You hear it all the time that content is the king in SEO and it really is true. There is nothing more important than a website having quality content, as it attracts incoming links as well as answers searcher’s intent. Work on videos, blog posts etc to build quality content.

Incoming links

Backlinks will always be the backbone of any SEO campaign. Monitor your incoming links and clean up the low-quality ones. Reach out to influencers in your niche to build high-quality links and website authority over time.

Mobile Optimization

Since the number of users searching websites on a mobile device is increasing every year and also with the Google’s mobile update, Mobile optimization is no longer something you can ignore. Make sure your site offers a wonderful mobile experience.

Website Speed

Website speed is another crucial aspect of SEO these days. Slow running websites are a nightmare for both users and Google. Work on site’s speed to gain good Google rankings.


Generating SEO task list is not difficult. However, by planning and prioritizing your tasks with respect to effort and value in return, you can certainly achieve higher return on investments.

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