How to prepare for competitive exams in India

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A big hello to every aspirant out there preparing for different entrance exams in India. Preparing for entrance exams is not a cakewalk but cracking the exams can be facile with the right strategy. There are tons of entrance exams in India from JEE Main to UPSC that are equally tough and need the right strategy to crack. Every aspirer makes several Google searches to find the right strategy that helps them ace the exams. Though there is nothing like the perfect way to prepare, here are some steps that will increase your chances of cracking the exams.

Start with pre-prep

Ask yourself the following questions and make a pre-prep for the exam preparation.

  • What is the exam you are preparing for?
  • What is the pre-requisite for the exams?
  • What is the syllabus?
  • Can you prepare for the exam at home?
  • What is your strategy to prepare for the exam?

The answers to these questions will differ from person to person depending on the exam. And therefore, the strategy also differs from person to person but here are some steps that you can include in your strategy. If you need guidance you can join the Best UPSC coaching Centre in Hyderabad or any other exam coaching for which you are preparing.

Set SMART goals

Goal setting is an important aspect of preparing for an exam. The goals can be divided into short-term and long-term goals. The short-term goal is completing decided topics within the time you set. On the other hand, the long-term goal is your final exam. Every short-time goal you make ultimately leads to a long time goal. Don’t make unrealistic goals like “I’ll finish half the portions with this week”. Make goals that are S.M.A.R.T- Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time-Bound. When you are planning a goal you have to keep in mind all the 5 elements.

Self-management and time management 

Self-management is setting targets that you can achieve while time-management is providing enough time to achieve the target. Balancing both equally lead to the success of your preparation strategy.

Read and revise daily

You might have seen that you understand the topic taught at IAS Coaching Hyderabad but eventually, you will forget it. This is due to the lack of subsequent revisions. To avoid this, daily revision is a must.

Practice with Time-Bound Exercises, Mock Tests & Model Papers

Practicing with model papers and mocks tests creates the environment of the exam and mentally prepares you for the exam. If you are going to coaching you will get access to endless mock tests and model question paper. You can experience TNPSC Mock Exam and virtually prepare for the TNPSC exam.

Clear doubts and ask questions

While preparing for the exam make a note of your doubts and clear them straight away with the teachers at the coaching classes. Clearing doubts improves the understanding of the concept and it gets registered well in your mind. If you hesitate to ask questions, it might hinder your goal. Asking questions not only makes the concepts clear but helps in better registration.

Choose the coaching center wisely

If you are planning to take up coaching classes, make a well-informed decision. Go through the reviews, ratings, success rates, teachers, specializations, and more of the center and then come to a final decision. The bank exam coaching centers in Chennai are some of the best in the city. They also coach in various other competitive exams.

Be disciplined

The success of a preparation strategy lies in discipline. Only if you stick to the plan fighting distraction, you can achieve your short-term goal thus your long-term goal. NEET coaching centers in Chennai and others explain that consistency and discipline are the two main pillars of success when it comes to competitive exam preparation.

Bottom line

You can improvise the preparation strategy according to your need. The best way to take your preparation to the next step is to get the help of a guide or teacher.

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