How to make software demo to win the customer

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The SaaS market is hot in our country! According to a survey, 92% of national companies adopt at least one SaaS solution. While many of them use free solutions, many others use and are willing to pay to solve a problem by hiring a Software as a Service. But the SaaS market, and consumers themselves, have changed the rules of the game a bit. Traditional sales, which previously required the salesperson to contact the customer and qualify, no longer works. Now, the customer controls his purchase journey, learns for himself and gets in touch when he is closer to the moment of purchase.

And it also needs one more thing: value. The customer, today, wants to understand what his problem is and how you will help him. The salesperson has become a sales consultant and needs to deliver more than just a solution. Thus, consultative selling has come on the rise along with Inside Sales. And one of the steps in the sales process is the demo of the software, or demo.

Demos are nothing new for most SaaS companies, but understanding how to demo software to win the customer is a challenge for many vendors. Following a script is a bad idea and being monotonous is shooting yourself in the foot! You need some Sales Demo Solutions.

So, how to make demo? That’s what we’re going to talk about next!

You need to sell your demos, rather than give them away. The time dedicated to demos that salespeople have on their calendars is limited and cannot be wasted on bad leads! They need to convince you that they are right to move to the next step, that it makes sense to them, and that they really are candidates to become your customers.

It is time to move on to the software demo.

1. Create a demo script even before the demo starts

Review your notes from previous calls, see what was agreed with the prospect, such as the pain to be solved, and come up with a plan on how to show the solution in order to meet that expectation. Having a script or plan will facilitate the demonstration and help you not to get lost, as you will know where to go and not have to improvise. With this, the chances of success increase and the call can be short, without too much beating around or wasting time. That’s optimization!

2. Go from macro to micro so you don’t get a knot in your head

Start by giving an overview of the system and presenting the solution that will be the focus of the call. Show, in practice, the step by step of a user’s interaction (always aligned with the outlined objectives). But be careful! You don’t have to go super-micro and present every button, panel or option available. Simplify the demo, giving the prospect what they need to understand without making it unnecessarily difficult.

3. Know the paths in the software you are demonstrating!

One of the worst things that can happen in a demo is having someone who doesn’t know the system do the demo. The back and forth of screens and clicking on various buttons break the narrative, dissipate the prospect’s attention, and only demonstrate that the salesperson was not prepared.

4. Answer questions and manage expectations

The prospect may get curious, want to see a different screen, and go off-track. But you, as a seller, need to know how to manage this expectation. Answer the questions, but always focus on the main reason you are on that demo.

5. Be human!

Remember that you are a person talking to other people. Bringing the Human-to-Human aspect is very important at the time of the demo, as it is a commercial moment. Joke, chat, use examples and spark conversation. That way, you don’t act like a robot and your prospect doesn’t stay indifferent during the demo.

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