How to increase your internet bandwidth in rural areas

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Technology and the invention of the internet have made our life easy and fast. We depend on the internet for all our routine tasks. Thinking about a slow internet connection frustrates us a lot. Let me explain how! Like if you are a businessman and offer your products and services online, slow internet can affect your activities adversely. Or if you are living in a small town still have the opportunity to grow in your business by offering your products globally. Suppose you are talking to a loved one and call drops in between due to the poor connection. Would it make you happy? Of course not! Right. 

Urban areas are privileged in such matters. They have lots of alternatives if one is not working for them. They can switch to the other. This article is going to explain all the techniques, by using them you can increase your internet bandwidth especially if you are in rural areas where you have no advanced facilities. You have to understand a few basic things about the modes of connection like a fixed wireless connection is different from DSL and fiber. Signals are transmitted in the form of radio waves, through cables, satellites, and light waves. Service providers place a device called a receiver at your home that will further communicate with the nearby wireless station to provide you internet. In villages, fixed wireless technology is used to have the internet. 

Upgrade your bandwidth:

If you are still using a 3G, 4G internet despite having the option of 5G in your area then you will suffer from the lower speed. It doesn’t matter if you play games or want to use the internet for your entertainment. 5G technology is not working on the fixed wireless system. It is mainly designed to be used for mobile phones. But if you are a home user this transfer can make a difference because this technology is not useful for the commercial setup.

Identification of problem: 

For a better solution, you should consider the problem first. You may think that your internet speed is slow because of the bandwidth of the internet. But this may not be the case, wireless signals are the real problem. If you want to know the speed issue problem you should use an ethernet cable. 

Wireless connection:

Try to find a service provider with a wireless internet connection. If you are having more than 3 persons in your home and they all use the internet at the same time there are high chances that your internet will be slow. Try to have wireless internet with a mesh router if you want to avoid speed issues. This system will work with the help of a modem and antenna that will communicate with the antenna of your service provider. Your router will convert the signals to broadcast them.

Upgradation of the router:

If you are looking for broadband service in your village, make sure your router can handle the speed. We normally see people use outdated routers and complain about the speed issue even with fiber optics. How can a wicked router provide you a stable and fast connection! 

You can also check the frequency and antennas on your routers that can carry all the signals well. Changing the routers can increase the speed of your internet. 

Change in the bill:

Analyze your bill and decide either you can have a better package than your present or switch to a better option in rural areas.

Never reset your router:

Almost all routers are set on some frequency level by the service provider. Your router has a reset button, which you can push with a pin. It will reset your router on default settings. That means the information needed in configuration is lost. Your router may not work now. If you find a problem in router efficiency. Call your service provider or take help from an IT expert. He will reset your router accordingly. 

Repositioning of the router:

You can get a better bandwidth by repositioning your router. If your router is placed near a TV or microwave, your internet speed will be slow. The best position is to place it in an open place and keep it higher than the usual level. The hallway is the most suitable option. 

Investment in fiber construction:

Fiber is the future of the telecom internet sector. Only fiber can help you to provide a fast speed of internet. In rural areas, this technology will take time to be available. If you want your village to get this service you should prefer to invest in fiber construction directly. With the contribution of local people, you can empower your area with high-speed internet. You should also request your government to take the necessary steps for fiber development in your area.

There are many factors involved in the speed of bandwidth. We cannot target one factor in particular, sometimes it is all about the hardware. Outdated and damaged hardware can cause problems in bandwidth speed. You should first check your devices, wires, etc. Another major thing you should consider is the bad weather. It can be the reason for dropping your signals and having speed issues. This kind of issue doesn’t last. If it prolongs for many days, you should consult your rural internet service provider.  If you have no broadband services in your rural area you can search for them in the neighboring village. A nearby village may have a better connection than in your area. Technology grows every day. You can install the latest and modern tools to get strong signals at your place. like many routers available in the market. Some are economical and some are at a high price. You can pick the ideal router according to your scenario. Urban areas are developed in part of the country. They interact with new technology first and get better options at reasonable prices. Like satellite internet is a more convenient option to avail. You just have to place a disc on your rooftop to catch the internet signals. 

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