How to Generate Leads Using Google

Lead Generation

We live in a time when most things happen online. Companies that have understood the importance of the Internet have long been doing business on the World Wide Web and using its benefits. They have accepted the Internet as a basic channel for generating qualified contacts, as it provides many opportunities for business expansion.

In order to grow your business, you need new clients. In a very competitive market, there’s a massive race for new, potential customers. That’s why companies are constantly inventing new ways to generate new leads.

Leads are online users who have in some way expressed interest in your product or service, so they intend to become your customers eventually. To reach them, you need to build a certain authority and reputation, as well as be recognizable. Even if you’re not a well-established brand, you should be impressive and have something that will attract potential users.

More tips on building authority online find below:

Digital advertising and a good ranking on search engines will help you. This platform allows you to promote your business and generate leads as long as you follow its rules. It’s where you meet them online, and whether the conversion will be successful depends on your strategy. So in order not to miss this chance, here are some handy tips for successful lead generation with Google.

Determine Quality Leads

When you do business online, one thing is clear – not everyone who visits your site is your customer. It’s like having a brick-and-mortar store, and various people come there. Some will just look around, others will only enter to ask some questions. But some people will actually spend their money in your store.

The latter group brings you profit and is the most valuable to you. But it doesn’t mean that these others should be neglected. In fact, they may not have bought anything now, but they might like your store and will come again and make you a profit. Or they might spread the good word about you and make more potential customers come to you.

Things are a bit different in the online business, but the principle is the same – you need to generate quality leads because they have the highest chance of becoming your customers. Long gone are the days when marketing was all about quantity, that is, when companies tried to attract as many site visitors as possible and then do a conversion. Today, successful companies follow the principle that less is actually more.

When you manage to attract leads interested in your brand/ product/service, there is a greater chance you’ll convert them into paying customers. Quality leads are potentially new customers showing interest or existing customers with a high retention rate. You just have to (re)attract them.

One way to do this is through a scoring system. With it, you can evaluate each site visitor based on their behavior. Some of the factors this system consider are the time spent on your website, the data that the prospective lead leaves, what kind of content they check, etc. Based on that, you can assess their value and determine quality leads fast.

Determine a Strategy to Bring Leads

By targeting quality leads, designing a winning strategy for their generation begins. Moving on, if you opt to generate your leads via Google, you have to be very creative so that potential customers find you among many other companies.

For starters, long-tail keywords that are commercially oriented can help you. Unlike short-tail ones, they have a narrow reach because they contain more specific terms. But they’re more relevant and better for bringing quality leads. They’re used by those who generally know what they want, are specifically looking for just that, and are ready to take favorable action.

Be ready to constantly change and invent new keywords to stay current and discover the ones that bring you the most success. Once you find KWs that work, see how many clicks they convey and invest in them. Try to eliminate those negative ones and those that attract irrelevant clicks.

Think of Ad Design

The amount of content on the Internet is huge, which can be both good and bad for your business. But users who know exactly what they’re looking for will search and find you in no time. Of course, providing you get their attention, have what they need, and offer them value like no other business.

These users will filter only the results that concern their subject of interest. But they’ll focus on ads that catch their eye. So if they want to buy your product and, for example, haven’t heard of you yet, good advertising will tickle their fancy.

That’s doable if you hire a reputable agency to design an eye-catching, catchy, and engaging ad (see more information). It’ll be like your ”online ID.” Of course, there should also be a call-to-action button that leads visitors to your well-optimized landing page.

Optimize Your Landing Page

Landing Page

What you definitely need is a good landing page. Considering it’s the first thing visitors see after clicking on your Google ad, it can make or break your success in this venture. So your landing page should make a good impression. And since you pay Google ads per click, your money goes to waste if you fail to retain the visitor on your web page.

One of the rules is that the ad shouldn’t link to your home page. Remember, the visitors should find what they want right after clicking. They won’t come to your website and only then start the search. Hardly anyone will do that. A more realistic situation is that they leave.

A much better solution is to create a relevant web page for a Google ad you have. That way, visitors won’t feel deluded. In fact, you should have a dedicated web page for each ad group (3 to 4 not too different ads linking to the same landing page).

As for technical details, user-friendliness and loading time mean the world to the landing page. To ensure everything works smoothly, you have to perform frequent tests to keep your landing page up and running. Also, don’t forget the importance of a mobile-friendly interface because most people surf the Internet on the go.

Don’t Forget the Budget

Every marketing campaign aimed at bringing new leads requires certain costs. In order for them not to be in vain, you must know how effective a campaign is in achieving this goal. You can determine that based on cost-per-lead, i.e., the quotient of the total costs of a particular marketing activity and the number of attributed leads it has brought.

There’s no golden rule for how much these costs should be, but they must certainly be competitive. You can rely on machine learning bid strategies supported by Google ads, which can optimize the performance and costs of marketing activities. You just have to ”help” this algorithm use valuable data (users’ search queries, searched keywords, etc.).

The market changes require Google to adjust its algorithms accordingly. Moving on, it affects companies and their marketing activities with the aim of lead generation. So in order not to fall behind, you must follow trends and adopt new techniques.

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