How to copy DVD to SD card with simple clicks

copy DVD to SD card

With the rapid rise of streaming media services, just moving your finger or mouse, every movie or TV show is at your fingertips.

DVD is a thing of the past? Not really. As movie lovers, DVDs not only contain their favorite movie, but also carry a certain period of youth. However, as more and more computer manufacturers have successively removed the built-in DVD drives, it seems that traveling with bulky external DVD drives and DVD discs becomes even more inconvenient and bad.

Therefore, converting a DVD disc into a digital video is worth a try. Not only can it realize the need to watch anytime, anywhere, but it can also extend the life of the disc and save its content more completely and undamaged. For this, you need a professional DVD ripping software to implement this complicated process. Today, I will recommend you a best way to solve this difficult problem.

What is the best way to figure it out?

Open browser, here are plenty of different video converting and DVD burning or ripping software flooded into the market. But how to choose one fits us most? Today, I will introduce WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro, one program suits me most after testing for a few days. It will be your first choice when searching for a one-stop DVD ripper.  A variety functions, fast speed of ripping, easy to use makes it superb.

How to copy DVD to SD card with it?

Before we start DVD ripping process, please keep in mind that never reproduce copyrighted material and it is illegal. Of course, WonderFox Soft, Inc. never supports people to duplication and distribution illegally. Follow these easy 4 steps to make this complicate process easily.

Step 1: Without a professional DVD ripping software, how could we stat this process. Let’s free download it from WonderFox Soft, Inc. official site. That can be sure the file you download without any other virus and clean.

Step 2:Run it. You will see a very easy-to-understand interface appearing to your eyes. At this time, choose one of the DVD source and load the DVD you want to rip by clicking “DVD Disc”, “ISO Image” or “DVD Folder”. This smart program will quickly analyze it and automatically find the main title from them.

Step 3: Choose “MP4” as the output format from output format selection pop-window. Because “MP4” is one of the most popular and compatible video format at present, almost every device supports it.

Step 4: Choose your SD card reader as the output path to save the converted videos and click “Run” to start. However, due to different reading and writing speed of different SD card reader, I suggest choose the local path as the output path to make sure the process complete quickly. And then copy it from local path to SD card reader.

Other features can be found

1. Make your own customization choice as Encoder, Resolution, Frame Rate, Bit Rate, etc.

2. Fastest ripping speed by supporting Hardware acceleration.

3. Extract audio or soundtracks out of DVD.

4. Rip a DVD to video, ISO image, and DVD Folder with 1:1 quality.

5. Constantly support new devices and formats be converted.

Wrap up

If you are looking for a professional and easy for everyone even a novice DVD ripping software, WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro deserves a try with your fingers. This is really a user-friendly program which not only can helps you rip all DVD collections to save in a save place, but also let you store it in other handy devices to playback over and over again. If you are still confused whether suits you too, I suggest you to try its trail version and make your decision. As always, I would love to know you good ideas to solve this issue. Just leave your comment below.

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