How to Collect Phone Numbers for Text Marketing

Phone Numbers

Talking about the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, it is worth mentioning the messages sent to mobile phones. They are read in 98% of cases, and almost half of clients respond to messages they received. The user needs 90 seconds to respond to a notification.

Email marketing is very popular, but emails are read 20% of the time. Only 6% of users respond to them. The email may be answered within 1.5 hours.

Obviously, sending messages to a phone is more efficient. But before starting the mailing, you need to collect the client database using the phone number extractor. The lead scraper program will help with this task.

8 Useful Tips for Collecting Phone Numbers

There are a few easy steps you can take to create an efficient ad campaign. Users will voluntarily leave you their phone numbers, and you will be able to send them important news and wait for feedback after that.

Choose a keyword

Each company can have its own keyword that needs to be sent to the company’s phone number. This will indicate that the customer is ready to interact and wants to receive notifications from you. You can choose the word “auto” if you sell automobile parts, or “pastry” if you sell baked goods.

Create keyword ads

Put yourself in the position of your target audience. Choose the marketing channels you would like to use to connect with the brand. This can be a website, a social network account, an Instagram account, or a standard business card. Every place a potential customer can turn to should have your keyword followed by a call to action. The more users know this word, the more likely it is to replenish the database of numbers using extractor software. Remember to include legal information after your call to action.

Use mobile registration widget

If you want to significantly increase the number of subscribers who are ready to receive SMS notifications from you, install the widget for mobile registration. It is enough to click on the corresponding button and the user will see a pop-up window. It will contain important information about the company and a keyword. He will only need to enter the phone number and send the data, and the leads extractor will collect the necessary information.

Place the registration form on the website

Subscribing process to SMS notifications should be as simple as possible. This will allow customers to receive news without further actions. They can choose whether they want to receive regular newsletters or not.

You can create a registration form on the home page of your website. For this, it is enough to use a special constructor; with its help you will be able to place the registration form so that it is displayed on each page. The user will be able to enter their data and mobile number at any time, and the lead scraper will save the information for you.

Use special offers to reward clients

Customers know that their mobile numbers are their personal data. They can only share it if they want to, so you need to provide a good reason. You can offer your customers certain privileges that they cannot get without a subscription. For example, focus on a big discount on the first purchase or free shipping. If the offer is truly valuable, the client will not be able to resist.

When users give you their numbers, the online number extractor will help you build a database, with which you will send valuable notifications to every interested person.

Offer users to take part in a competition

Raffles and contests are interesting and exciting ways for users to have a good time, and for you to get a coveted a phone number. The prize in the competition can be valuable, for example, a discount or something else.

If you decided to scrape phone numbers with the special software, it will make the process of collecting mobile numbers automatic.

Don’t send messages too often

No customer will be happy if they receive spam. Choose a schedule for sending messages – users should be notified about this. For example, you can send notifications once a week, so the client will not get tired of reading your messages, and they will be adequately perceived.

But if SMS comes every day, sooner or later the user will get angry and unsubscribe from your mailing list, as it can distract him.

Win customer trust

Trust is the foundation of user interaction. When compiling a database, make it clear to customers that the specified information will not be shared with third parties. They will receive only your newsletter, and no one else will get hold of their phone numbers.

One of the alternative ways to create a database is to turn email subscribers into SMS recipients. To do this, you can send an email to the target users asking if they want to be the first to know about new promotions via SMS notifications. If they do, ask them to send their phone numbers in a reply letter. The main thing is that they are interested in the newsletter.

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