How to choose the right wheelbarrow cement mixers?

wheelbarrow cement mixers

An cement mixer is a fundamental tool for masonry and construction work. These concrete mixers have facilitated the work, reducing the physical effort to make it more effective. This tool or machine is now widely used, as it allows mixing various materials, such as water, sand, and cement. You can know more about them in cement mixer trucks in Wheelbarrow cement mixers.

Best concrete mixers: ranking and buying guide

I think I know what you are thinking! You urgently need a cheap concrete mixer, but you don’t know where to buy, so you have searched your mobile for “where to buy concrete mixers,” and you have finished here. If this is a case, let me tell you, dear reader, that you are a lucky person: in this post, we have listed the most popular types of concrete mixers on

What to consider to choose the best concrete mixer?

There are several considerations that you must take into account to make the best choice of an appropriate concrete mixer for your hard work.

Concrete mixers prices

In the market you will find a variety of brands and models of different prices, if you are looking for a cheap concrete mixer, do not worry, there are excellent models of excellent quality at an affordable price. You must be clear that on many occasions, very cheap concrete mixers usually break down quickly since they do not have the quality materials and gears that a concrete mixer requires for proper operation. In this guide, we are going to show you where you can get them and with a guarantee. 

Where will I use my concrete mixer? Fixed concrete mixer or a semi-fixed one?

The location of the concrete mixer is essential when deciding on one. If you use it in a specific place, you will not need to mobilize it continually. Still, if you need to deploy it, you need to opt for one that moves with greater comfort or ease, since they are usually substantial.

Fixed concrete mixers are usually metallic, they are easy to clean and maintain, but they are heavy and complicated to move.

Portable concrete mixers

A portable concrete mixer helps to carry out construction work that requires the tools to be moved from one side to the other; they are usually used in small jobs or small constructions, as well as for DIY.

Folding concrete mixers

For greater comfort, you can opt for a folding concrete mixer, and you are even more comfortable with mobilizing. You can fold the legs to save space and be able to locate them comfortably, or if you do not have much storage space, it will be easier to store.

Concrete mixer power

The engine power of our concrete mixer is also an essential factor since the higher the number of horses, the greater the workforce the concrete mixer will have, thus offering higher mixing power.

Types of Transmissions

  • Crown transmission
  • Direct transmission

In the concrete transmission, the engine transmits movement to the tank through the reducer, the pinion, and the crown. On the other hand, in the direct transmission concrete mixers, the movement comes directly from the engine.

Concrete mixer drum size

The size is essential when deciding on a concrete mixer; usually, those used for small jobs such as DIY are smaller. On the other hand, if you need a concrete mixer for professional use, you can opt for one that has higher capacity, if you do not need to mobilize it much since they are usually heavier. The concrete mixers with the most massive capacity range from 65 to 350 litres, choose the one that best facilitates your work.

Electric concrete mixers

When referring to an electric concrete mixer, we must pay attention to the power of it. The more powerful the engine power can work faster, more comfortably, and without physical efforts.

Remember also to consider the gear system of the same, since it can have high power, but without these parts they are not of good quality, it can easily break down.

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