How To Boost Your Ecommerce Sales With These Essential Home Page Features

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A well-designed home page is vital in the world of e-commerce. Not only should the page be engaging, but it should be informative. To do this and to do it well requires certain elements drawing on subliminal, SEO and design principles.

What’s more, these mechanisms need to relay to visitors who you are and what you can offer them in as little time as possible. Here are three essential home page features to convince shoppers to stay, engage and ultimately convert.

Clear Navigation

The first necessary feature is a means of clear navigation. Commonly utilized through a bar along the top, this navigation directs customers where they want to go quickly while pulling them toward conversion step by step. It can be in the form of a drop-down menu with categories, keyword optimized tabs and more. An important point to include along this intuitive site mapping tool is a search box. Make the box highly visible and equip it with autofill to help users get to the desired result ASAP.

Call To Action

Another key feature is a current offer with a decisive call to action. Whether it’s a top-selling item or a site-wide discount code, having a prominent, eye-catching, and compelling section for a deal the audience wants is an effective method to driving sales. Be sure to include SEO keywords and powerful images to make this section attractive.


The third feature is a way for the visitor to connect. Typically located toward the bottom, an email signup box, newsletter subscription or even links to social media channels help engage the customer further. It’s also a great opportunity to capture consumer data. These elements merely scratch the surface of how to optimize your e-commerce site’s design. For further examples of sale-boosting home page features, please see the accompanying resource.

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